Friday, April 17, 2015

Quilting Eye Candy

Wow, I'm on a roll with this quilting... which means I'm not getting much done as far as the house goes.  But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.... and that's get her quilting fix... and make my customers happy.  

Linda is a happy quilter.   She makes happy projects like this table runner.  She requested custom quilting on it.  She does pretty needle turn applique.

And Linda did this happy quilt too.  It's called Roundabout.  It's custom quilted too.  You might remember me posting about the trials of the quilting pattern for this quilt here.

Lane made this Hounds tooth Gone Awry for her nephew for graduation.

Quilting Pattern:  Wild Cherries by Urban Elementz
Thread:  Gray

Lane also made this for a dear friend.  It's every longarm quilters challenge.  You see the points on the star are made with folded triangles so they have one edge that is open... which the hopping foot of the quilting machine likes to catch on and do all sorts of crazy things....

Quilting pattern:  QOV2 e2e (that I call stars and hearts QOV)
Thread:  Glide white

And the last one from Lane is some hand embroidery red work called "A day in the Life of Goodnight Bear"... or something along those lines.  She made it for her granddaughter who is now 5 but thinks its more appropriate for her other granddaughter who is turning 3.  I love the scrappy pinks and reds she used to set it together with.

Quilting Pattern:  Cotton Candy by Anne Bright

Janie made this sweet nine patch with the center patch an Easter fabric.  

Quilting Pattern:  Cotton Candy
Thread:  Glide Lt. Turquoise

Janie also made this nine patch set on point.

Quilting Pattern:  Damask E2E by Wasatch Quilting
Thread:  Signature Bagette

I think I deserve a break after all this hard work.... so I'll treat myself to a retreat with my new friends at the DeKalb County Quilter's Guild.  We're off to Oregon... Oregon Illinois that is...  


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  1. Your work is lovely, Doris. Each quilting motif has been chosen carefully and each quilt came out beautifully. I esp. Liked seeing the embroidered blocks done. I always avoid quilting them, but they look just fine!


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