Saturday, April 11, 2015

Queen of Interior Design

Haha!  I'm a far cry from the Queen of Interior Design.  That crown belongs to my sister Rhonda.  Everything she touches looks like it should be on the cover of a magazine.  She is a natural at it!  But guess where she is and guess where I am... Yeah, a few hundred miles apart and 8 hours!  So today I sent her pictures of my stuff laying out on the floor and said "now what"?  After numerous texts and photos, this is what "WE" have done.  It's the sitting room to the left of the front entrance hallway.

These windows face the front of the house and are on the left side of the room as you enter.  I still need some kind of window treatment for them but "WE" are thinking of a cornice board covered in a faux leather or suede and metal stars  and then with navy, red, and cream sheer panels hanging down.

This wall is the wall you see directly in front of you when you enter the room.  The quilt is one of my many Texas Quilts from my Texas Beauties Trunk Show.  It's called Luvin Texas and was a block of the month pattern that featured hand embroidery.  I still need to carry the extra decor on the church pew that I didn't use down to the basement.  The church pew, by the way, came from a little country church in Harwood MO and is 9' long and is curved.  

This wall is to the right of the room when you enter and directly opposite of the windows.

And this is what you see when you're leaving the room.  Those double doors presented quite a problem and are very useless.  First of all, the light switch for the room is behind the door on the left so you have to go behind the door to turn on the light.  And you lose so much space in the room by having to allow for the swing of both doors.  Needless to say, I doubt those doors will ever get closed and I have a yardstick leaning against the door frame to stick through the crack in the door frame to turn on the light.  Kinda redneck... I know!  

Then I helped William finish up his "office".  Here's what it looks like.  He picked all of the decor - which is very fitting for him.  The room has no color.... everything is black, silver, or white.

The picture on the right is a collage drawn by a local artist and features all the pubs of DeKalb.  So I guess there is a little bit of color in the room.  Anyway, it's a pretty neat picture.

And this is a caricature of Raliegh (drawn on our beach vacation 3 years ago in Corpus Christi, TX).  I sent a picture to Hollie and told her to show it to Raleigh and see if she remembered it.  She didn't!  She wanted to know "WHO IS THAT CREEPY GIRL"? Hollie told her it was her.  She said "that is so weird with her eyes the size of donuts".  That girl is too funny, she cracks me up!  

So there you have it... 2 rooms down and decorated by the Queen of Interior Design via cyberspace.  I'm sure if the Queen of Interior Design were actually here, there would be many finishing touches that I just can't reproduce via cyberspace.  There's a reason I'm the Queen of Quilting and not Interior Design.


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  1. I did get a chuckle when you talked about interior design and how your sister wears that crown. That's exactly my situation!! Whenever I need advice, I only have to ask my sis...she has the knack! Aren't we lucky to have someone to ask?


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