Thursday, April 2, 2015

One of These Things Is Not Like The Others

One Some of these blocks aren't like the others.  Ugh!   Now how did I manage to do that?  Nevermind... maybe it's better left a mystery.

I realized it when I was headed to the ironing board to give it a final press.  UH-OH!  

The Grim Ripper and I spent a good deal of time together and I had a heart to heart talk with said Grim Ripper about fixing these blocks.  But I'm happy to report we have worked through this together and they are all the same now.

I can't show you anymore progress yet as it's a Top Secret Project.  And you know how I feel about keeping secrets.  I really stink at it!  So you got a sneak preview but don't tell anyone, ok?  I'll be able to share the entire project in a couple of weeks.


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