Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Hearts Desire Pattern

Thanks to William, who has been diligent and has been keeping me on task, We have the next pattern written, photographed, and published and ready for sale.  It's called Hearts Desire.  I originally designed this block for Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 8.  You might remember reading about it here.

I've made another sample.  This time out of chocolate brown and coral and red.  I love it!

It's a pretty easy quilt to piece, especially for an intermediate quilter skill level.  I really think a confident beginner could do it too.  The block makes a secondary pattern when set together.  (That's where you get the upside down hearts.)  I purchased the fabric, cut out and pieced this at the Stronghold Retreat two weeks ago.  The pattern features 5 sizes; lap, twin, regular, queen, and king.

It's available for purchase under the Quilt Pattern Tab or you can click here to order the Hearts Desire Pattern.  I hope you'll LOVE it too!



  1. Nice Doris, congrats! I'm especially fond of the name. As you (may) know the scripture pragment also inspired one of our Handmaids as well. ;-)

  2. Very well done! Nice blog and a good piece of content with us.

  3. Doris, you amaze me at all you can get done in a day! The hearts are adorable!

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