Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How Many Days Does it Take to Quilt a Quilt

How many days does it take to quilt a quilt you ask?  Well, apparently more than I planned on it taking.  I put this quilt, Roundabout, in the frame on Wednesday.  My customer Linda wanted some very specific quilting and I thought it was easy enough I could manage it.  That's where I thought wrong....

She wanted meandering in the orange circles... no problem!  I CAN meander by hand but why would I want to do that when I can find a pattern that fills a circle with meandering.  Whoot!  Whoot!  That my friends is why I love my Statler Stitcher.  I love the perfection it stitches every time.

I quilted straight lines in the white lattice and in the white around the orange circles.  I can do straight lines by hand... circles not so much!  But thanks to Linda's awesome and accurate piecing and applique... I was able to drop a circle pattern on top of the white circle rings and ta da!  I have perfectly stitched circles too.

Then it was on to the curved pieces.  Glancing at it I thought I could use a Drunkard Path pattern and since bubbles, or peebles, or circles are so popular right now, I'm sure I could find a pattern for that.... Remember that's what I get for thinking!  First of all, I scoured the websites that sell computerized quilting patterns that I have bookmarked (and let me tell you there are quite a few).....  Nothing.... Second of all... And then it dawned on me.... all the patterns I was searching for the curve was going the wrong way....  Awe shucks!

Okay, no problem.... I'll contact one of my favorite pattern designers and maybe she can quickly create one for my specific block... email sent... but by the end of the day on Thursday, no response....  We were off to a rocky start.... it seems she had a few questions and her emails back to me were going in my spam folder.  So late of Thursday, we finally communicated and she'll have it for me Friday morning.  YIPPEE!!!

Friday morning came and went and no pattern.... contacted her again.... she'll have it for me tomorrow.... Ugh.... (Now in her defense I did wait until the last minute but in my defense she did say, in writing, that she would have it ready Friday morning).  I wasn't exactly happy.... but I was at her mercy.

At that point I decided I wasn't quilting or working on Easter weekend.... which made the King very happy.  So now it's Monday morning.... I have the patterns.... but "Houston We Have A Problem".... the patterns don't fit in the block and I can't adjust them to make them work.....  Back to emailing the designer... she's heading out the door to judge at a Quilt Show.... just my luck....

Finally, late Monday evening, patterns are received, corrected, and actually stitching out!  WHOO HOO!!!!  Tuesday, this baby will be finished.  I have to admit, it's looking pretty sweet!

So that my friends is how many days it takes to quilt a quilt..... this time....  Stay tuned for up close photos of the quilting.  I want my customer to see it first though.

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  1. Oh the trials and tribulations of quilting with a computerized system!!! I'm hand-guided, so it is all on me and my collection of rulers and books!!


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