Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Flimsy ???

On one of my quilt groups I belong to on Facebook, the discussion came up about what a Flimsy was or is.  I personally have never heard the term until recently.  Have you?

Well, let me tell you there was quite the discussion about the term.  Basically what it boils down to is Flimsy refers to a quilt top that isn't quilted into a quilt yet.  Some were insulted as they thought it made the quilt top sound cheap or implies cheapness or of week, loose, or poor quailty.  On person commented "...There have been major discussions in regards to where the term flimsy came from with the Brits blaming Australia and Oz blaming Ameria and Amerian blaming Brits and around and around the world it goes.  It's quite funny because on one knows for sure."  That in itself made me laugh.   Some want to call it a quilt top.  Okay, go for it!   Call it what ever makes you happy.

I'll probably continue to call it a quilt top simply because old habits are hard to break.  But personally I like the term Flimsy.  It's really quite fitting.  As another person commented "I have to laugh at the people who dislike the word flimsy because it sounds like your quilt top will just fall apart.  lol  Try washing a flimsy prior to quilting it and see how it  disintegrates.  The term Flimsy is highly accurate."  I think I have to agree with her ....

And while we're on the subject of a Flimsy or quilt top.... any guesses on how many I have?   quilt tops flimsies!
I was a little surprised when I unpacked all of them and put them all in the same place.   I'm as bad as the cobbler who doesn't have any shoes or the plumber that has leaky faucets.  This Quilting Queen has too many flimsies!


  1. Just a few little flimsies I

  2. Makes me scared to think of how many I have! I love piecing!

  3. Since longarm quilting is my business, my quilts always get put behind my customers, so I have over 50 flimsies!!! I am committed to quilting at least one of my quilts for every customer quilt I quilt. Gonna be hard and take some extra hours for me, but they need to become quilts!!!

  4. Your quilt closet looks like mine!

  5. Thank you for the definition of Flimsy. I'm not English speaking and this word was just intriguing to me!


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