Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Farmer's Wives Blocks

Here are 12 more Farmer's Wives Blocks that I finished at Stronghold Retreat this past weekend.  You can see my other fabulous finishes from the retreat here in case you missed it.   I am getting so close to being done.  I think there are only about 1-2 more months left.  I haven't added them up yet but I think my block of the month I'm participating in said there would be 16 months and I think this is month 15.  At any rate, I guess I'll know when my BOM shop tells me it's finished.

I am really enjoying the stories that come with the blocks.   And I can't believe how different the blocks look when set on point and with different fabrics.  These blocks finish at 6".

 Cut Glass Dish Block

Flower Basket Block

Butterfly at the Crossroads Block

Country Farm Block

Birds in the Air Block

Broken Dishes Block

Spool Block

Whirlwind Block

Puss in the Corner Block

Economy Block

Honey's Choice Block

Wrench Block

I have added the cornerstone and sashing on two sides of the blocks in hopes it will be less monotonous when setting it together. I hope my plan works.  I'm so anxious to get these together.

I finished one more project at retreat but I still don't have a photo of it and another one that is already on the quilting machine.  The quilt top is BIG and it's been cold and WINDY here so it makes it difficult to photograph.  By the way, it's so windy it blows the old fashion iron chairs I have setting on my front porch off almost daily!  URGH!!!!  Will the wind ever quit blowing or the temperatures warm up?  I'm beginning to think NOT!

This was the view out my patio doors this morning.  I told you I live in the middle of a corn field.  Despite the cold temperatures in the 30's and spitting snow, the farmer's are beginning to work the ground in preparation for corn planting.  So far no planting yet though.  This guy's tractor is pretty small in comparison to the the field he's working and in comparison to the other tractors in other fields nearby.  




  1. Your blocks are gorgeous and look so different than the ones in the book! Love that shed by the cornfield!

  2. Love your blocks Doris. I am also working on Farmers Wife blocks. I am doing Karen Walkers group (we are on facebook) and am on Lesson #11. I now have 18 more blocks to do!!!. 111 blocks seemed overwhelming when I started but now know it was a breeze. Yup... l am a farmers kid! I like your idea of Sashing as you go. Certainly should cut down the final time requirements.

  3. Your Farmer's Wife blocks are lovely. I began some long ago and there they sit. I only need to make enough for a wall hanging. I shall follow your progress. Creative Quilting Bliss...


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