Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Happenings

I hope you had a blessed Easter.  We didn't do much of anything for our Easter Happenings and I didn't really cook a wonderful, fabulous Easter Dinner either.  I did take salmon out of the freezer so the King could grill it and I fixed a salad to go with the salmon.  And yes, it was quite tasty.

We did work on some projects around the house though.  I unpacked a few more boxes, fixed the bed in the spare bedroom with the help of William and the King, made about a dozen trips to Menards (the Illinois version of Lowes or Home Depot; which by the way I like better than Lowes or Home Depot) for supplies to make the shelves for all the quilting thread, went on a wild goose chase in boxes for the level to hang the shelves the King and I have been working on (mission accomplished for finding the level), hung a few pictures, hung some window treatment in the family room....

I kept busy all weekend but didn't feel like I accomplished much!  I'm really ready for all the boxes to be gone, all the stuff to magically appear on the walls decorated like something out of "Country Sampler" and for everything to be put away and organized at least for a day or two.  Yeah, yeah, that's not happening, even in my dreams!

I also want to be able to show you pictures of the house and wanted to wait till it was all done, but I've changed my mind on that.  First of all, I might never get to post that blog post, and second of all, you'll have grown old and forgetful by the time I get it all finished and will wonder why I'm showing you pictures of my house when I've lived here for a good 2-5 years already!   I am going to save the quilting/sewing studio pictures until I have it all finished though.  I'm getting closer.

Meanwhile, I've been quilting

This one is finished, boxed, mailed, and in the hands of Delia in Texas already.  

Right now I have a custom quilt in the frame and it's been in there 5 days... but that's another story for another day....  



  1. I'm amazed that all that you have accomplished!! I can't wait to see the photos of your house! The quilt was beautiful!!!

    Blessings my friend - miss you, too!

  2. I want to see the house pictures soon ! Houses in the north are (I think) very different from here.


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