Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tips, Tricks, and Tuts Tuesday - Quilt Backing Yardage

It's been a few weeks since I've posted on Tips, Tricks, and Tuts Tuesday.  It's hard to give you Tips, Tricks, and Tuts when you don't have a studio or sewing machine or anything else accessible to create said Tips, Tricks, and Tuts.  I still don't have a very put together studio but I'm getting there.... slowly...

A few weeks ago I talked about Quilt Backings here.  But what about how much yardage to buy for a solid quilt backing.  I have several customers who contact me by text. or email, or phone and ask how much yardage to buy if their quilt is whatever by whatever.  I'm very happy to figure their backing yardage as I know it won't come up short when it's time to bring it to me to quilt.  However, for those of you who don't call me or don't bring me your quilts, this chart of Quilt backing yardage will come in handy.  I found it quite some time ago on Moda's Bake Shop Blog but when I went back to it, I couldn't find it anymore.

I hope this Tips, Tricks, and Tuts Tuesday helps you in some way this week.  I am so anxious to get my studio put back together and am almost ready to share it with you.  Be watching for photos soon.

I'm linking up with Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts on her Let's Bee Social post.  Go check out some of the links and see what others are up to.  



  1. Thank you for the great chart! What a help that will be for most of the quilts I make!

  2. Yahoo! For this. No more getting out the calculater. Time saver for sure. THANKS!!!!

  3. Awesome chart! This is really a great reference!

  4. Great chart, now if only I can think of somewhere to put it so I can get my hands on it when I need it!


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