Monday, March 30, 2015

International Quilt Show, Rosemont IL

How lucky am I that I moved just in time to attend the Rosemont IL International Quilt Show.  Well there have to be some perks to moving to the frozen tundra, right?!  Saturday's temps were in the low 30's and Sunday we had freezing rain!  Yuck!

What was even nicer was that The King dropped me off at the door so no parking fees or a walk from the parking garage in the freezing temps.  However, the parking fees might have been cheaper than the money he might have spent at the Outlet mall that was just a block away.  As it turns out he didn't spend a dime!  Mark that on your calendars; he IS the King of shopping!  I can assure you though that I made up for it at the Quilt Show.

I posted on FaceBook along with this picture "Look what Gregg bought me and he isn't even here! I'm a good shopper for him though. I got the floor model. Get to bring it home with me this afternoon after the show is over." 

I have officially been banned from purchasing anything else that is remotely large or weighs over 10 pounds.  First of all, the table barely fit in the back of the Escape.  I had to move my seat all the way up and rode home with my knees in the glovebox compartment (a small price I had to pay for it.  lol).  Then William and the King had to maneuver it around the turn of the stairs.  We finally had to stand it up on it's end.   And then up the flight of stairs to my studio.  It took all three of us to heave it up each step.  But we did it and I'm so happy with it.  

I was pretty good about my purchases until the afternoon.  I started out in the Market area first and that's when I bought the floor model of the sewing table.  It's a Tracey's Table.  I've admired them for a good number of years and finally bit the bullet and bought one.  Since I purchased the floor model, I get an even better deal than the "Show Special" that was listed.  I only purchased 2 fat quarters after that.

Then I went to drool over the quilts.  I'll show my drool worthy photos tomorrow.  Ok, maybe one or two for now.  

After that I went back to the Market area.  I really was ready to leave but I couldn't leave without my table and I couldn't pick it up until 4:00 when it was close to time for the show to be over.  What to do.... well, go through the Market area again.  This time I didn't fare so well.  I bought a panel of barns, more fat quarters, renewed my subscription on my magazine and bought another subscription (I got a totebag for doing such... like I need another bag), and bought some paper you put in your printer and that adheres to your background fabric so you don't have to trace your handwork.  It just melts away in cold water.  I'm going to try it out and then post about it later.


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  1. Nice looking table. I hadn't heard of Tracey's Cabinets before. I'm torn between wanting a nice table that's made for the machine to sit down inside like those or keeping the table I bought a few years ago for just $10. Mine is indestructible and won't wobble ever, but the machine sits on top. It's also about 30"+ deep which I really like. All the nice sewing tables I've ever seen are only about 24 inches deep. I have a desk and table I use as a cutting table that match the table used for my machine although they are much larger. I'd have to get rid of the "cutting table" or bookshelves in order to get a nice sewing table since the room can't handle the size those tables are in length. Maybe I should just knock the wall down and make my room larger? Oh wait! Then we wouldn't have a bedroom. LOL

    That marketplace is a dangerous area at shows. I tend to spend too much there myself. It sounds like you had a nice time though.


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