Friday, March 20, 2015


It was fun to see all of your guesses as to how many boxes the packers packed up.  Someone commented that it would depend on the size of the boxes.  Which is true.  When we moved from Little Rock AR to Brownwood TX, we had almost the same number of boxes.  However, we had way more stuff in Brownwood (bigger house so you fill it up) and they used smaller boxes in Little Rock so it seemed like.  These packers used much larger boxes.  I have very few "book boxes" (small boxes).  By using larger boxes, it also made them heavier and fewer that I could move myself.  I had to depend on The King or William to do my lifting for me.  I don't like that!  The next move I'll request they use more small book boxes as I'm sure I won't have William's help (at least I hope he has his own place by then).  I also told the King he needed to plan at least a week's vacation starting when the moving truck pulls away.  I'm not unpacking another house full of boxes by myself again!  I know, make my words sweet as I'll probably have to eat them in a few years.

Ok, back to the number of boxes.....

Allison left me this comment:

"Oh fun! We moved about two years ago and our boxes numbered into the 500s- but we're a family of five with tons of kids' stuff. I would guess 270. Remember to check under the truck- we left stuff in the storage cubby under the truck when unloading and it took them a few months to get the stuff back to us! Good luck!"

She was soooo close.... There were 272 boxes that the packers packed up.  That didn't count what I might have already had in a box of some sort (basket, tote, cardboard box, etc).  The movers put 450 additional stickers on those "boxes" plus a various other things like furniture, large tools,, etc. That's a lot of junk stuff to deal with!  

Allison be watching for an email from me.  Hope you have a great weekend.  Me.... I'm off to unpack another box or two.... and find the giveaway bag that I put in a safe place so it wouldn't get lost.... oh and maybe take in a local shop hop that's going on this weekend.  I think I deserve some retail therapy for my hard work the last few weeks.


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