Saturday, February 14, 2015



We have a house...FINALLY.... in DeKalb, IL!  WHOOO HOO!!!  Here a few pictures to show you.  I'm very excited to finally have a place to live.  Still not excited about the cold and snow but guess you have to take the bad with the good.  And there is more good than bad.  I'm also excited about being with the King under one roof and not living out of a suitcase anymore!

Welcome to Omega Circle Drive  

A view of the back of the house.  I sure am going to miss my screened in porch I had in Brownwood though.

Standing in the living room looking toward the dining room.  You can see the kitchen through the door in the back.

The family room.  Just to the right is the kitchen.  Notice the corn field out the back sliding doors.  I wonder how long it will remain a corn field?

I think I'm gonna LOVE this kitchen.  It is huge!

Lots  of kitchen cabinets and a nice pantry.  The picture is a little deceiving.  The pantry doors are double doors but they aren't quite as wide as it looks, still a nice big pantry just not quite as big as it looks.  

Another view of the dining room/living room.

And this is the most awesome part of all.  This is the "loft/media room".  It is over the garage and it is BIG!  Plenty of room for QUEENIE and my sewing all in one place.  And just in case I might fill it up, I have an overflow bedroom just up a half flight of steps.  The King and William weren't thrilled about giving up this media room for me but I'm spoiled and they both gave in.  I haven't decided if Queenie will sit along the back wall on the right or on the wall that is to the right of the wall in this picture.  My sewing machine will go in the nook on the left.  There is a nice big window that lets in plenty of light.  YAY!

The moving company will send packers to pack everything up on Monday and Tuesday.  Then the loaders will come on Wednesday and Thursday to load the moving truck.  The moving truck will show up to unload everything in DeKalb on March 2nd!

What a relief to have a plan and a bright shining light at the end of the moving tunnel!  

So I'll leave you with some quilting pleasure.  A picture of a Vintage Valentine Quilt.  My friend Donna S. has made this quilt.  This one isn't hers but hers is definitely drool worthy!  It is just beautiful!  It's one on my bucket list some day.



  1. How exciting,Doris. Looks like a very pretty house and the sewing area is ooh lala.

  2. I'm so excited for you! That house looks amazing and so wide open. Sweet!

  3. I'm so happy for you and I LOVE your personal space! Congratulations.

  4. Congratulations! I am hoping to be finding a house in the south in 2 years.

  5. I'm so glad you found the perfect house with the perfect quilting room!!! FABULOUS!!!!!

  6. Excited for you! A screened in porch could be added as funds are available! Love the floors and all the room.

  7. Looks like you found an amazing house. It looks beautiful. Don't stress too much about all that snow. This year Dekalb has really been getting hit hard with the storms. Just an hour or so from there, we've only gotten one big storm and all others went SE of us right to Dekalb or over toward Woodstock. We lucked out and those areas got his a lot harder. Maybe next year it will balance out again. I'm not offering to take all your snow though, so don't get me wrong; we'll share but yea, we don't want to be selfish and take all of it. LOL

  8. Feel your relief. Happy for you that things are going in the right direction. What a great sewing room right along with the rest of your lovely new home.


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