Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snowball Block Layouts

I posted yesterday HERE about my new ruler from Ruler Revolutions to make snowball blocks quick and easy.  I am using the snowball block with a quilt I'm making for the Addicted to Scraps column at Quiltmaker Magazine (You can read about it here on their blog).  I can't show you that particular layout yet but I can show you some Snowball Block Layouts that I played with in EQ.

The blocks is so versatile and so easy to make.

Here is a layout with a Card Trick block

A Shoe fly Block

The Flying Dutchman

Friendship Version 1

Look what happens when I change up the colors in Friendship block version 2

Of course it's hard to go wrong with a Nine patch block

Here's a version I found on Pinterest here 

Or this cute Chinese Lantern with the snowball block from Pinterest

Or this favorite from Pinterest  You know I'd love this one for the colors alone.

Be sure to visit this site.  There are several snowball layouts shown there.

Or another favorite with stars found here

So go have a snowball fight in your stash.... or in the snow if you have some.... a lot of us do.


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