Thursday, January 1, 2015


It's no secret that if you sew or quilt you have an addiction to fabric!  Some of us have a stronger addiction than others that shall remain nameless...   And everyone needs to feed their addiction (aka buy more for your stash) or get help for it (aka sewing or quilting) ... And some of us have an addiction to sewing or quilting each and every day of our lives.  I'd say there isn't a single day that goes by that I don't do some form of sewing or quilting, even when I'm on vacation or when my hand is laid up and I'm helpless!  However, days on end without fulfilling or treating my addiction is not a good mix.

My bestie kidnapped me and we went to Ehler's Variety Store in El Dorado Springs MO.  I may have gone a little wild!... maybe just a little wee bit...  Ehler's Variety is probably about as close to an old fashioned General Store as you'll get in today's modern times.  They have a HUGE section of flat fold fabrics.  Some are kinda stiff and cheap and others are closeout's from name brand fabrics and pretty darn nice.... and they are all $3.98 a yard... every day, all day, all year long....  I bought 30 1/2 yards of fabric....  Shhhh..... don't tell the King!  Here's what I got:

And then yesterday I had to go to the doctor in Joplin MO.  There is a great quilt shop in Lamar MO, which is right on the way to Joplin.  They have a sign on the interstate that reads "Scream till your husband stops!"  

I didn't have to do that, but I would have if he hadn't agreed to stop for me. I didn't get quite as carried away there.   I only bought a panel and some pre-cuts in red, white, and blue!   Surprised aren't you!!

I feel better now... until I look at my bank account!



  1. sewing fix..yes YOU are the Queen of sewing fixes..I can’t say I purchased that much fabric at all this year...but then again, it is only the 1st lol

  2. I didn't know that Ehler's Variety Store existed and now it's your fault that I'll have to stop in on my next trip through. I do love Blue Top Quilt Shop and sometimes make the sixty mile trip just to shop there. Love the reds,blues and greens that you picked up. Have fun with them.


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