Friday, January 23, 2015

If This Box Could Talk

If this box could talk, I wonder what it would say?  My friend Joy recently received this treasure box in the mail from a friend of her husbands.  It seems Joy was the only person the friend knew that quilted.  His mother had recently passed away and this was left behind.  If I remember correctly, he thought they might have belonged to his grandmother and then his mother inherited them.  He couldn't bear to throw it away so he sent it to Joy.  Wow, what a neat gift to receive in the mail.... and an interesting one too.

Here's what she got:  
Double wedding ring arcs.  And the newspaper pattern...  Probably not enough for a top but a wall hanging for sure.  

 String blocks, and lots of them.

String blocks with the foundation newspapers still on the back of them.... dating 1930 and 1931.  Don't you just love to read the bits and pieces of the news on the back of these blocks?

A large stack of star blocks... more than enough for a quilt.  Why did she just keep making blocks and never put them together for a top?

A stack of signature blocks.... several with a date of of them is the grandmother of the man who gave Joy the box.  She's going to set these together in a wall hanging and give it back to him.  Wonder why they were never set together in a quilt?  

And the most interesting thing of all, in my opinion, in the box.  I wish that I had taken a better picture of the whole thing.  It's a quilt top with holes in the center.  I wonder how the maker intended to finish it?  Was she going to applique it to a large solid background (which is what we all suggested Joy do with it).  Was she going to hand piece the center circle of fabric to the unit?  

I suspect that all of the UFO projects... (wonder what they called them back then.  I'm sure it wasn't UFO's though)... were made by the same lady and all about the same time.... 1930's, maybe early 40's.  Some of the fabrics are pre 1930's also.  Oh IF THIS BOX COULD TALK....



  1. Wow! Indeed what a tale those blocks might tell! All I get in the mail are bills! LOL I bet reading those newspapers would have been fun too!

  2. Glad to meet you! I am having a lot of fun seeing all the great inspiration, so many new ideas! As soon as I saw the first picture I knew it was 30's! Lucky! L

  3. Well now, isn't that all interesting? I wonder if she was going to finish those blocks as in the Dresden Plate with a solid in the centre circle. That would be my guess. Beautiful gift for sure and so appreciated by a fellow to finish it up and show the grifter what she did with the found box. Lucky lady!
    Hugs. Marg.

  4. If this box could would say " I've been here a long long time...I sure hope somebody rescues me and finishes me the way my maker intended when she started to play with all my wonderful colors and pieces of fabric. I will demand attention someday with all the newspaper clippings on my backside....maybe in an olde basket.... Hanging in a stair rail...or on the be admired as was intended for me. Or to keep some child warm on a cold winters night. All I ask is to be loved." That's what I think this box is hoping for!
    Hugs and keep the memories growing.
    Hugs Marg.

  5. Thanks for sharing my "box story"! I have enjoyed reading what others thought and how excited everyone is for my "treasure".


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