Saturday, January 3, 2015


Okay, you're not delirious...  I posted about the Grand Illusion Mystery Clue #5 yesterday.
Since I'm behind, I jumped ahead... does that make sense?  Why yes, of course it does!  Now, I'm back to clue #3.

It should have been easy too... and it would have been if I had told William to cut the correct width on the strips... Urgh!!!!  I had him cut them 1 1/2" wide instead of the correct 2" wide.  I even stitched them together and had him sub cut them 1 1/2" wide.  It wasn't until I started to sew the two strip sets together that I realized OH SNAP!  HOLY BATMAN WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!

So it was back to the cutting board for 2" strips.  Finally 3 hours later I have Clue #3 units...  40 of them...  just 80 to go....  Unless I decide to make it a little smaller...  the original one is suppose to be 88" x 88".  I think I may scale mine back a tad...  well see...


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