Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dallas Cowboys Quilting Eye Candy

Attention all you Dallas Cowboy Fans.  Check this awesome quilt out that Loraine made for her nephew.  I think the pictures of the Quilting Eye Candy speak for themselves.  At one point I called William out to the studio to get his opinion on what to quilt in one of the sections.  His only comment was "that's a lot of stars on that quilt".  What else would you put on a Cowboys Quilt, certainly not feathers!?  Or at least I didn't think so.

The star in the center and the 4 corners Loraine says are paper pieced.

Look closely and you'll see the football quilted in this block.

I'm not even a Cowboys fan and I liked the quilt.  



  1. Oh my goodness this is gorgeous

  2. I really like how you quilted that ! AND your website looks nice !

  3. Awesome quilting Doris! It really makes the quilt pop!
    Have a.great day.
    Hugs Marg.

  4. Do you know of anywhere I could buy the star pattern? I love this & the quilting is amazing!

    1. Bonnie, you're a no-reply blog commenter. I would love to contact you about the pattern. Please email me or leave your email. dorisquiltingqueen at yahoo dot com

  5. can you email me concerning this pattern. I am a HUGE Dallas fan and absolutely LOVE LOVE this quilt you've done

  6. Amazing quilt. Would you email me the instructions and pattern for the Dalla Cowboy quilt? My grandson would love this. Thank you.

  7. Wow! Absolutely the most awesome Dallas Cowboy quilt I have seen. My grandson has been begging me to make one for him. Would you be willing to sell your pattern?

  8. Your quilt is just gorgeous my son seen the quilt and he wants me to make him one Is there any way you would email me The pattern

  9. Great design and small threading details. Love the eye-catching (almost 3D) main star in the middle. Very striking!

  10. I would love to have the pattern. how do I get the pattern?

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  12. Also think this is beautiful. I would love to have the pattern. I would be willing to buy this


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