Friday, January 9, 2015


2015 is off with a BANG!  I didn't say what kind of BANG though, did I?

My hand is doing better... I think...  You can still see some black and blue bruising in my index and middle finger and my middle finger is still swelling by the end of the day.  I have a new apparatus to wear for 4 more weeks.  This one is kinda like a cast in that it's a hard casting material and it restricts my knuckles from moving on my index and middle finger, allowing the ligament to heal.  It is nice to have the tips of my fingers free but I still have limited use and still can't get it wet.  UGH!

The house still hasn't sold yet!  As a matter of fact, only one couple has looked since November 18th.  DOUBLE URGH!!!  Meanwhile, the King is living in an extended stay Hotel in a town 30 miles from DeKalb, IL.  Although it is less expensive than a hotel per night, it is still pretty pricey rent! And gas for the commute.   At least he can prepare his own meals and won't have to eat out every meal.  And me, I'm here (Texas), there (Missouri) and everywhere.  I don't feel like I have a home anywhere!

Sometime over the holidays, I lost my driver's license.  As soon as I got back to Brownwood I had to make 2 trips to the DMV to get it taken care of.  And I temporarily misplaced the spare key to William's car.  I searched high and low for it but finally found it 2 days later!

Then my cell phone shot crapps, went capoot, QUIT on Tuesday.  After 3 trips to AT&T and numerous phone calls to Apple,  with me getting a bit ugly, it was finally determined I needed to send my phone in to Apple for a replacement. As wonderful as that sounds, I'm still without a phone until the new one arrives and I have pay for a new one and get a refund when I send my old one back in.  Of course I lost all my new contacts for the last 5 months as I didn't back up to the Icloud.  The free Icloud was full and I didn't bother to pay for additional Icloud storage.  I kept thinking I would and just never did.  Major lesson learned there!  I dug an old Iphone out of the drawer to use until the new one arrives.  

  I was suppose to go on a retreat this weekend but opted not to go.  I was in such a mood that I didn't want to rain on everyone else's parade (there were other factors weighing in on the decision also but I won't bore you with them).  On the bright side, I have been working on some quilts and UFO projects.  I'm sure you'll see my progress on here soon.

So have I whined enough yet?  Why, yes I do believe I have.  I hope your 2015 is off with a better BANG than mine!  But at least it should be sun-shiny from here on out... right?

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  1. Goodness, it does sound like a really rough start to the year! So sorry! I hope your house attracts a buyer soon and that the other issues resolve quickly and easily!

  2. I hinky your hand contraption looks pretty inventive:-)
    Hurry back to us Doris!

  3. Keep you chin up! The perfect buyer will come at the perfect time!

    I know you're antsy - but let that hand rest some!

    Blessings and hugs!

  4. Hello Doris.......your hand looks so sore! I am sorry about that. I had bad luck the month of Dec. from Dec.23-31, when I came home from the hospital, New Years Eve.
    I was so happy to be leaving all the ugliness that happened to me in 2014 and look forward to 2015 with so much promise and hope . It is early in the new year and I hope the rest of it only gets better for you. Happy New Year....Happy New Beginning!
    Hugs Marg


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