Sunday, January 11, 2015


Are you ready to sew this sweet baby together?  I know I was ready to get it finished and move on to other things that are waiting patiently for my attention.

First we have to make 4 friendship star blocks for the 4 corners of the quilt.  These blocks will finish 6" (6 1/2" unfinished).  I made mine scrappy but you can make them all alike if you want.

Here's what you'll need:

Cutting (for one friendship star block):
4-2" background squares
2 - 3" background squares
2 - 3" squares (fabric color of your choice)
1 - 2 1/2" square (for center of star)


1.  Draw a diagonal line across each of the 3" background squares.  Pair them with the 3" fabric of your choice square.  Sew 1/4" from the drawn diagonal line on each side.  Cut on the drawn line.

Press to the dark fabric.  You will have 4 half square triangles.  Square them to 2 1/2"

Lay the friendship block out as indicated in the photo below.

Sew together in 3 rows, then sew the 3 rows together to make block.  Repeat the process to make a total of 4 blocks that finish 6" (6 1/2" unfinished).  Set them aside for later.  

Now we're ready to sew the middle of the quilt top together.  

 ROW 1:  Sew the snowman block to the Hearts/Shamrock block to the Umbrella block.

ROW 2:  Sew the baskets block to tje Star Block to the Tulips block.

Sew Row 1 to Row 2

ROW 3:  Sew the Americana blocks to the top of the Schoolhouse block.

Sew the Pumpkin block to the top of the Leaves block.

Sew those 2 units together.

Sew the Christmas block made in December to the left of the above unit.

Sew Row 3 to Row 2 & Row 1 Unit

Now measure this section.  It should be divisible by 3.  If it is not, you will need to adjust the coping strip (narrow border).  Mine was so I cut 7 strips WOF x 2" for my coping strip (narrow border).

Add the 2" coping strip (border) to the top and bottom of the center of the quilt.  Sew a 2" coping strip to each side of the center of the quilt.

Sew 21 flying geese units together to made a row of flying geese.  Made 2 of these.  Sew one to the top of the quilt and one to the bottom of the quilt.

Sew 24 flying geese units together to make a row of flying geese.  Sew a friendship block made above to each end of the flying geese row.  Make 2 of these.  Sew one to each side of the quilt.

Stay with me, we're almost finished!  One last border to add.  You can stop now or you can add the final border.  I don't like to end my quilts with a pieced border which is why I added the final border.  I think a pieced border needs that final un-pieced border added to give it stability when I quilt it and keep square.  

Cut 8 strips WOF x 6 1/2".  Add a 6 1/2" border to the top and to the bottom of the quilt.  Add a 6 1/2" border to each side of the quilt.


I really wanted to have both quilt tops finished and at least one of them quilted but between my hand, the holidays, the move, and life in general, it just did not happen!  I do apologize for that.  However, this way the 2014 Mystery Seasonal Sampler carries on.  I'll post pictures of the quilting and the second quilt as soon as they're finished.


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