Saturday, December 27, 2014


There hasn't been ANY quilting going on in this Queen's Palace since 12/23/14.  Do you remember the new jewelry I was wearing on my finger a few months ago?   If you forgot or missed it, you can read about it here.  Well, last week I jumped off the deep end and had the surgery necessary to fix the torn ligament in my middle finger.  And this is my new jewelry.

If I thought the other piece was a little annoying, it was nothing compared to this one!  I am only suppose to have this for a week and then get a new piece of jewelry.  What a lucky girl I am to be getting all this new jewelry.  Hopefully the next piece won't be as constrictive!

But you cant keep a good Queen down long!  I had mom make a make-shift sling so I could make my pies for Christmas.  Of course, I did have a little help from the King  couple of times. 

This is our annual Christmas photo at mom's.  Everyone grumbles about it every year and guess what...  we still take it.   You would think after all these years they'd just embrace it but....  guess not.  It isn't the best this year.  I was trying to hide my arm candy soft cast.   

This sweet little tree is our tree we started 3 years ago for our granddaughter in Japan.  Each year each family buys an ornament for it.  Then on Christmas night we SKYPE with her and add our ornament.  This was our last year to have to do this!!!  WHOOO HOOO!!!!!  Next Christmas they will be home!  And this is one excited Nana!  They will at least be in the lower 48 states and that's do-able!  This is her with Santa; Japanese style.  Little brother Kameron was not so excited to be on Santa's lap; thus no picture either.

And while I call Raleigh my Princess, this sweet baby is my little Angel, Josie.  Of course she was the cutest one there.  She sang her part perfectly too!  We were so proud of her and so blessed that we were in town to be able to go.

I hope each and everyone of you had a blessed CHRISTMAS and the HAPPIEST NEW YEAR.  There are some exciting things happening for 2015 and I don't want you to miss a thing.



  1. Doris, praying that your hand is so totally healed! Sounds like your Christmas was fun and wonderful! Hoping your new year is exactly as you need it!

    Blessings and hugs!

  2. Bless your heart ! You'll be quilting again in no time ! I'm happy for you to get to visit your grandkids more often in the future ! Have a Happy and Blessed new year !

  3. Ouch!!! I hope it feels better soon. The little ones look so cute in the holiday settings.


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