Tuesday, December 16, 2014


There was no sewing today for the Quilting Queen... just partying!

First off was the Brownwood Quilter's Guild Christmas Party.  If you remember last month  and the month before I told you about Doniene's goal to have Christmas Quilts on her beds.  She needs 6 of them and wanted 3 finished by this Christmas.  She did it!  And remember she quilts these huge Queen size quilts on her domestic sewing machine!  This is my favorite so far.

Debbie was our visitor this month.  She's new to quilting and she's right on track to becoming an addicted awesome quilter.  

Millie made everyone these sweet pin cushions.  There were no two alike.  This is the one I picked.

And Joy made mug rugs for everyone.  You should have known I'd pick a red/white/blue one.

Then on to the fun and games...  You had to guess the 9 items in the stocking.  You could only feel from the outside of the stocking.  I only got 4 of the 9 correct.   The person with the most correct got the stocking with all the goodies!  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ANGELA!!!  She guessed 8 of the 9 correct.

And remember the pin cushions Millie made.... well she made Joy, our President these ornaments.  Wow!!

Our next game was the Fat Quarter game.  Everyone brings 3 fat quarters to the table.  Then we roll the dice (up to 3 dice) for the number of fat quarters we have.  The dice are special dice called "Left Right Center" (and can be purchased at your local Walmart or Target).  If your dice says left, you pass a fat quarter to the person on your left.  If your dice says right, you pass a fat quarter to the person on your right.  If your dice says center, you put a fat quarter in the center or "kitty".  If you roll a circle, you do nothing and pass the dice to the next person for their turn.  If you only have 2 fat quarters, you only roll 2 dice; 1 fat quarter you only roll 1 dice.  (You can also use regular dice, subbing the numbers on the dice for the left, right, center, and pass.)  The game continues around the table.  If you don't have any fat quarters, you may not be out of the game... the person next to you might roll a left or right and you're back in the game!  Play until there is only 1 person with 1 fat quarter and that is the WINNER!  This is sweet Millie... she was the LUCKY WINNER today of the Fat Quarter Game.  Just look at all of her luscious fat quarters.

Everyone also brought a "quilty related gift" and we played "Dirty Santa" with them.  Guess who got #1?  Why yes, I did!  My initial gift was a "tea and cookies" gift set.  Since I'm only a Sonic Ice Tea drinker, you know I'm going to trade that off.  I didn't have to because Wanda stole it from me.  My second gift was a table runner and a pewter reindeer that held 4 candles.  I traded it with LaTrelle.  I forgot to take a picture of what I got but it was 2 packages of some awesome thread.  

Connie and Debbie won the door prizes and yep, Mille made them.  A nice arm chair caddy and a casserole carrier.

On to Party #2.  A going away party for the King at 3M with his managers and co-workers.

I just love the icicles hanging of the golfer guy's nose on the cake.  Needless to say the King is an avid golfer.   Here in Texas he golfs year around and that's an easy task.  It's going to be a bit more challenging to golf that much in Illinois.  He'll begin to look like this golfer guy with icicles hanging from his nose too.  

Tomorrow it's back to quilting and sewing.  I'm making progress on my blog hop projects but it's slow going.  And I still have those last minute gifts I want to finish.  I'm sure I'll run out of time before I run out of projects.... I always do.  But no one goes without a gift of some sort in the end.



  1. Looks like it was fun ! Missed you guys !

  2. What a great party! Lots of sweet projects. And that cake looks yummy!

  3. It looks like you all had a great time and great gifts. I think the biggest gift is having good friends too!

  4. Sounds like a great time! Where did you find a stocking that can fit a 6x24 ruler! I would actually be able to put people's stocking gifts in their stockings. Lol!


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