Thursday, December 11, 2014


Pinterest is my best friend.... most of the time.  I go to it for inspiration, recipes, tutorials, and to kill lots of time....

Every year I make the kids and now the grandkids a homemade ornament.  This year I pinned this ornament.

It looked simple enough.  However, the directions were in a foreign language.  I clicked the translate button and was able to follow along with the pictures.  I had to do a little converting as the measurements were in meters not inches.  I knew I need 8 ornaments total; 3 for the kids, 4 for the grands, and 1 for me to keep.  So I set out to make my log cabin blocks.  About half way through I realized, hey, I could get 2 ornaments from one log cabin block.  Great!  I'm making 16 ornaments.  Ok, so I have 8 extra ornaments to give away.  

However, either the picture is deceiving or I can't convert metric to inches because here is my ornament, tree topper, wreath centerpiece.  I actually have eyes and a little pink nose drawn on the face with pigma markers but you can't see them in this picture.

It is QUITE large!  I guess it turned out as it was suppose to.... I think.... but.... it's a monster Santa compared to the other ornaments I usually make. Maybe I should make 8 of those ornaments as pot holders.  

I think I'll embellish them a little though and add a little white pom pom to the top of the hat and a narrow band of trim at the half square diagonal line and a little gold buckle on the black.   

And I think I'm going back to the Pinterest inspiration board and pick another ornament to try.  


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  1. I think your Santa is adorable! Who cares if he is larger - I always thought Santa was quite large :)


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