Monday, December 1, 2014


Flying North for the winter??!!  Wait I thought you were suppose to fly SOUTH for the winter.  Hmmm... well as usual, we're doing things backwards!

It's hard to believe that on Saturday we were outside in shorts and flip flops.....  okay some of us had shorts and flip flops on.... can you guess who's definitely related to the Queen?

This is my adorable granddaughter Josie

And this is her little brother Emmett.

And my sweet great niece Ryelynn

Paytin (my great nephew), Ryelynn, Josie, and my sister's two foster children had a grand time on great Granpa Cotten's trailer.  Who knew a trailer would be so much fun.  They would race from one end to the other and chase the balls back and forth.

That was Saturday, our Thanksgiving Dinner.

Then today we arrived in DeKalb, IL to sub zero temperatures.... Okay, it wasn't sub zero... it was only 12 degrees with a wind chill of sub zero.... I figure anything below 45 is just plain COLD!!!  And anything below 32 is SUB ZERO!!!

But look what greeted us at Walmart.... some UT (University of Texas) Orange poinsettias.  They were so pretty.  Of course Illinois residents probably think they the Fighting Illini colors!

And speaking of flying geese.... this is what I worked on this afternoon in the hotel.... flying geese for my 2014 Mystery Seasonal Sampler.  This should finish them up.  You'll have to pop in on the second Sunday of the month to see the next clue in the Mystery guilt.

Oh and about that shopping trip when we got here.... I have new snow boots... nothing fancy, just warm waterproof Totes Boots

And a new winter coat.... I love the red color but I dislike coats a lot!!!  I can't move in them.  I feel confined, I get hot while shopping, and have the hassle of keeping up with the coat.... have I whined enough yet or told you I don't like coats....  I'm telling you, I'm just going to hibernate for the winter up here.  


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  1. Looks like you had great fun on Saturday!! You boots and coat are great, but I am totally with you...I hate wearing a coat!!! But I hate freezing more so I will suffer with them when I must...and turn the heat up in the car so I don't have to wear one there!!!


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