Monday, December 8, 2014


Seven more Farmer's Wives Blocks are finished, complete with sashing.  These little blocks are only 6" finished.  And of course my favorite colors; red, white, and blue.

Block #92 - Streak of Lightening - one of the easiest blocks I think I've done so far.

Block #75 - Rosebud - If I had been paying attention to the name I would have made this one red instead of navy but I like it just the same.

Block #80 - Single Wedding Star - Not sure about the name of this one but that's what it is.

Block #86 - Squash Blossom - You have no idea how many times I attempted this block.  I think about 4-6 times.  The first few attempts I wasn't understanding the directions correctly and it WOULD NOT come out right.  Then the next few attempts were better but I cut wrong once (my error).  I ran out of fabric from the first color choice so I had to switch to this.  Halleigh it's finally done!  

Block #40 - Friendship - another fairly simple block

Block #87 - Star Gardner - Lots of small flying geese and half square triangles.

Block #11 - Grape Basket - I modified the directions I was given on the basket stand and made it a little easier I think.

I finished these just in time for the next set of blocks to come out for December.  Those will have to wait and I'll be behind again; but oh well!  It's the story of my life.  



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