Tuesday, December 2, 2014


A few days ago I posted about my new Beam N Read that I've been using.  I wanted to tell you more about it and how wonderful it is.  You can read about it here and order one for yourself!

First of all the light is awesome.  It is so bright!  It's LED lights so its brighter, and generates no heat!  I have enough of my own personal summers without adding heat from a light!  I've been especially enjoying it at my mom's.  The lighting there is terrible and I was never able to work on my hand work.  It's also come in quite handy on the airplane and again in the hotel.

This photo below is without the Beam N Read light.

This photo below is WITH the Beam N Read light.  See how much brighter it is.  And it has a magnifying lens you can attach too.  Pretty handy for these old eyes.

It also has a USB power kit so when the batteries die (after about 50 hours) I have a back up plan.  No scrambling for batteries....

Here's a sneak peak at the counted cross stitch I've been working on for the next blog hop

 I also worked a little more on the embroidery for the Snowman A-Z blocks.  Two more blocks complete.  Whoo Hoo!!   I am getting closer and closer to finishing.  I only have 2 more to go and there is stitching on both of those.



  1. Good article. I have had a Beam and Read for at least 20 years, but it has only 1 light. Probably time to upgrade, since my eyesight is rapidly downgrading.

  2. I love my Beam n Read and use it everyday to work on my cross stitching. Sweet looking snowmen!

  3. We missed you today girly ! I would love to do the A to Z Snowmen...so cute !


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