Sunday, December 28, 2014


I made these cute little art satchels for my niece and nephew for Christmas.  They loved them!  Both are only 3 years old.  Ryelyn loves the outdoors and loves to go hunting wit her daddy.  Some pink camo deer fabric was just the perfect choice.

This is her with her daddy.  She sat in the deer stand with him many times watching this deer and waiting for the right moment to shoot it.  Who is more proud; Daddy or Ryelyn?

Funny story about Ryelyn...  her momma was reading her the story about Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer....  stay with me here....  it's not going to end like I think you think it is....  here is what momma posted on Facebook:

"So read Rudolph to Ryelyn tonight, didn't go quite like I expected.... but I should have known better. 
R: those are elk
Me: no, reindeer they pull Santa's sleigh
R: They are deer, we shoot them! 
Me: no reindeer, we can't shoot them. Santa needs them to bring you presents. 
R: No he doesn't. Shoot them! 
This should be interesting."

The art satchel will be perfect for church to keep them busy.  There are 2 clear zippered pockets on the right and a mesh pocket.  Under those is a pocket to hold a coloring book or art pad.  On the left is  a chalkboard and another pocket under the chalkboard for another art pad or coloring book.

My nephew Paytin loves "heavy equipment", just like his pappa has.  Here is Paytin's satchel.

They were really very easy to make and only took a couple of hours.  I used this pattern I got at 


The pattern suggested to round the corners.  But if I did that, I would have to make bias binding and that takes longer.  I was under the gun with a deadline for Christmas.  But even without the deadline. I don't think I'd do the bias binding.  The other modification I made was to omit the "hardware" to hold the handles on and the carrying strap.  I just sewed them directly to the satchel.  They would give it a more professional finished look but it would also add more time and expense.  



  1. What a hoot!!! Ryelin and Gracen (my GD who is 2) should get together. Gracen goes duck hunting with her daddy. When you ask her what they do to the ducks - she points her finger like a gun and goes "pow" "pow" but she sounds like a real gun!! Love those girls raised in the country!!

    By the way - those satchels are great - have to make one for G!!!


  2. Both of these satchels are perfect! You found just the right fabrics to suit each child. What a lot of work with all those compartments, but you aced this!

  3. These Satchels are so cute. Thanks for sharing that you found the pattern from By She does have super fun designs.


  4. A good article and very interesting.It is a wonderful art, thank you.



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