Friday, December 5, 2014


Today was the King's End of Year Office Party and spouses were invited.  YAY!  Lucky me!  I get out of these 4 walls of the hotel room AND I get to speak to someone besides the maid, AND I get to eat a delicious meal.

We went to the Mikimoto Japanese Steakhouse in downtown DeKalb, IL.

It has been YEARS since I've been to a Japanese Steakhouse.  I love how they prepare the food right in front of you.  Our chef (I guess that's what you call him) was a lot of fun.  Of course he did his little knife/spatula show complete with lighted handles. (I wasn't quick enough to get my camera out for photos though.)  Then his little show with the egg.  That was pretty impressive.

He cooked the eggs for the fried rice and then came the legendary egg toss into the mouth of each guest.  You just open your mouth wide and he tosses a morsel of scrambled egg into your mouth.  The King missed both times but I caught mine on the second try.

Now that's a pile of fried rice!

Lots of yummy shrimp, scallops, chicken, and steak!

Setting the mountain of onion rings into an erupting volcano!

And then putting out the volcano fire with the wee little man squirt!  

This was my plate of fried rice, scallops, and veggies.  It was YUMMY!  

I also had egg roll cheesecakes with vanilla ice cream for dessert; which were delicious!  But I forgot all about taking a photo of their yummy-ness before I scarfed them down!  

The Kings colleague, Nora was very gracious.  She is transferring to Decatur AL and gave us a "Warm"  welcome gift bag.  She has already heard about how much I dislike the cold temperatures.  

There are hand warmers, hot chocolate, potato soup mix, and a wonderful Apple spice scented candle. 

It was so nice to get out and meet the folks The King will spending his day with!   


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