Saturday, November 29, 2014


A day or so ago I posted some quilting eye candy and 2 of those quilts belonged to Ruby.  She sends me the quilt tops, I quilt them and send them back to her.  On the same day I send them back, she mails me a check and we each usually receive or respective mail parcel a day or two later on the same day.  Well, a couple of days went by and I didn't get Ruby's check.  She got my package with her quilt in it but no check from her for me.   I was about to call her when I got this in the mail. It was in a clear plastic sleeve from the post office with an imprinted mumbo jumbo about how accidents happen.   Hmmm.... I don't think I can read the note and I certainly don't think I can cash this check.  Do you think the letter got caught in a postal machine!?

Debora is always so generous with her quilts.  I don't think she's kept one for herself yet.  This one is for a co-worker.

I quilted round pegs in a square hole on it in Sky blue thread.

Every once in a while Debora will have me embroider a label for the quilt.  

Then out of the left-over scraps from the quilt above, she made this darling baby quilt.

A simple swirl, called Deb's Swirl was quilted on it in the same Sky blue thread.

And another baby quilt using a charm pack that Debora made also.

I quilted rubber duckies on it in Neon Green Glide thread.

Kathleen has been a busy little beaver elf.  She didn't say who any of the next 3 quilts are for but I'm betting she's giving them away.  She usually does.  A batik quilt that looks fast and easy.

And some loop de loops quilted with Glide Sand thread. 

The cutest sock money quilt!  A simple nine patch block alternated with a plain block using the focus fabric.

And how could I resist quilting the "funky monkey" pattern on it with Latte thread.  When I saw this pattern I thought it was so cute and thought to myself I'd probably never get to use it.  Well guess what;  I DID!!!

And a sweet baby quilt by adding 2 borders to a panel fabric.

I quilted a pattern called Cotton Candy in Glide Sand thread.


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  1. Lots of beautiful quilting going on at your place! I've gotten one of those ripped up things from the post office, too...annoying!


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