Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Did you think Queenie has been on strike?  Oh contraire!  She's actually been working overtime!  So much so that she threw a little fit a few days ago.

See the stitching on the batting and on the backing to the right of the picture.  That's not suppose to be there!  Also note the position of the needle in relationship to the quilt/batting/backing.

This is a snapshot of the screen and the design that's programmed in to stitch out on the quilt.  Notice the cross hair in purple to the right of the screen.  Where the arrow is is where the needle (or head of the machine is).  Do you see any design on that part of the screen to stitch out?  Me neither but Queenie sure thought there was something there to stitch out. 

And you can't see it in this screen shot but there are patterns (10 of them) nested on top of each other.  Now how did that happen because I can assure you I didn't place 10 patterns on top of each other to stitch out!!!  I'm telling you... Queenie was possessed or she was tired of working so hard or both!  She sure gave me fits that day (and yes it was a full moon!) 

I finally finished this quilt that Mary Jane made

I quilted a western edge to edge in Glide Sand thread.  I love the way the sand thread looks on the red/white/blue quilts.  Many thanks to one of my customers for insisting on using that gold thread on her Texas Quilt.  I would have never tried it but I love the way it turned out.  Mary Jane wasn't too sure about doing it either but she trusted me and YES, she loved it too!

Mary Jane also made this sweet quilt.

She said she wanted hearts or flowers or something pretty.  I quilted sweethearts edge to edge on it and she got the best of both worlds.  

You're almost seeing double, just a different color.  These quilts are for sister that share a room and are only 1 1/2 years apart in age.  They're almost twins like the quilts.


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  1. Sounds to me like Queenie doesn't want to leave Texas! Nice quilts and quilting too.


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