Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I had quite a time getting one of these quilts quilted.  First of all, have you ever wore out a surge protector strip?  I can say I have!

When I bought my machine, I was provided (sorta, I'm quite sure I paid dearly for it!) with a "heavy duty" surge protector to plug my computer into that runs my Statler Stitcher/Queenie.  I was quilting right along, things going so well, when all of the sudden the machine stopped and the power to it went out.  What the heck!  (ok, maybe that wasn't quite what I said but you get the idea.)   I checked and I still had overhead lights.  Yep, I paid the electric bill!  Then I check the breaker box, nothing tripped there.  Then I check all the connections to the machine and to the power strip.  All good there.  Hmm... then I decided to try one of the plugs in the wall outlet.  It worked!

I just happened to scrounge up another surge protector from the house.  Wow, I have never wore out a surge protector.  Got everything working again, and guess what, Creative Studio, the program that runs the Statler Stitcher, didn't auto save the quilt pattern.  Urgh!  And of course, I had fidgeted with pattern and resized it.  Double Urgh!  After a bit, ... a long bit..., I finally got it adjusted to what seemed to be close to the one before and I was off stitching again.

Then low and behold, 2 days later, of course before I could get somewhere to purchase another surge protector (there were no adverse weather conditions being predicted; what was the hurry?) I had the same thing happen again.  Power all of the sudden went out.  I wore out a second surge protector?? No, couldn't be, but yep, it appears I did.  Now in my defense, the second one was "old".  It had been around the block a time or two and I probably was overloading it... maybe just a tad...  I promptly went to town and purchased a brand new surge protector with enough capacity for my needs.... I hope....

OK, it's time for some more QUILTING EYE CANDY.

Linda made this quilt at the retreat I missed earlier this fall.  She makes lots of red and white quilts.  I love this one... of course.

Meandering feathers is quilted on it in white thread.

And she also made a Jelly Roll Race quilt for her cousin.  The colors look kinda washed out in the picture but the up close picture below shows the colors better.

I quilted a pattern called All Leaves on it in latte thread.

Jessica made this baby quilt for a friend.  An oversized LeMoyne Star and some charm squares for a border at the top and bottom.

Butterflies and flowers are quilted in Glide pink thread.

Ruby and her mom and their infamous string quilts.  I just love them.  Ruby says it's something easy her mom can do.  Ruby cuts the strips and her mom just sew away!  This one is a Valentine quilt table cloth for Ruby's harvest table.  It's really LONG!

I quilted a pattern called Hearts One in Glide pink thread.  You can see the pattern on the back better than on the front.

Ruby also made this one.  It's for a friend who she says doesn't sew a lick.  It's a Pottery Barn inspired quilt.  

I quilted wind swirls in pearl thread on it.  I like the zing of the red and tan chevron print randomly placed in it.   

Lawana made this scrappy quilt and I really like it.  She wanted me to use a brown variegated thread but I didn't have one.  Several of the fabrics had a gold fleck or vein in them so I picked out a gold, almost metallic looking thread.  I love the way it turned out.  

This picture doesn't do it justice.  I quilted a pattern called R & R Nested in it.  I think I've told you before it's one of my favorite patterns.  Kinda feathery, kinda demask, kinda pearly.  A great combination!



  1. Lovely quilting! I can't say I've ever worn out a surge protector strip, wow!

  2. Lovely eye candy for sure!! I guess your Statler really pulls the power!! I wonder if I put a computerized system on my longarm if I would have to rewire this old farm house!!!???


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