Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Where does the time go?  Do you realize there are only 7 more weekends until Christmas. Are you making gifts for Christmas?  Do you have them finished?  Ok, maybe I should ask a more realistic question; like if you're making gifts for Christmas do you have any idea what you're going to make?  Or something like if you're making Christmas gifts have you started them yet.

I would fit in the category of "do you have any idea what you're going to make?"!  I have a few vague ideas but I have a lot of guys in the family to buy/make for and that presents a bigger challenge.  They're usually not too excited about a table runner.

Sooo... to better prepare yourself.... be sure to come back next week for the "Twas the Night" Blog Hop.

It's all about quick and easy gifts for Christmas... that you could potentially make in one night.  Part of the hop was to make a gift for the person that follows you on the blog hop list and send it to them so they can reveal what you made.  My name is none other than Madame Samm.... what do you give someone who has everything and is so creative she can make anything her beautiful mind can imagine.  Don't forget to come back and see what I've been working on.



  1. I make gifts for family and friends. I also buy for some who do not appreciate handmade. My Christmas gifts are done all year long. I have a cupboard and a dresser that I keep full for giving. I will be back for this hop and I love all the inspirations shared. Creative Bliss...

  2. I love making Christmas gifts!! I have 4 quilts ready to be gifted along with 32 microwave bowl potholders!! Love having them FINISHED!!! Ordered a kitchen for my granddaughters in Texas and it should be there next week so their dad will have to hide it for a while! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else is making - always need ideas for next year!!

  3. you make me chuckle Doris....only 7 more weekends..egads..good thing i am on top of everything....and you are my sista giver....ohhhh how lovely..i am not so hard to do anything for....I am all about treasures of someone making something for ME>..that is the true gift...wink..


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