Monday, November 3, 2014


Yesterday was my birthday....

Rewind back a little.... Anyone who knows me at all knows how much I despise housework and cleaning.  I know how to do it and believe me I had plenty of practice when I was a child growing up under the wrath of my mom.  We had our chores!  But as an adult, there are a million other things I would rather be doing and most of the time that's just exactly what I do.... SOMETHING ELSE... ANYTHING ELSE....

Fast forward to my recent announcement of moving.  Moving includes putting your house up for sale.  Putting your house up for sale includes listing it with a real estate agent.  Listing it includes cleaning it!  YUCK!  Remember how much I like to do housework and cleaning.....  

Yep, that's what I did on my birthday....  and the day before my birthday.... and the day before the day before my birthday.... Yep, I've been cleaning, and purging, and sorting, and moving things out for the last 3 days....housework for 3 days + your birthday - no sewing or quilting for 3 days = unhappy Queen.  And the longer the day went on, the bigger the pity party became.  By evening.....  well, lets not talk about it!

 The King was silly enough to ask me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him the weekend trip to San Antonio next weekend would be good enough.  Silly King, he believed me and took it for face value.  Silly King, he also didn't give me a card or bake me a cake....  Fatal mistake for the King... (don't get me wrong, I am truly appreciative and grateful for the opportunity to go out of town next weekend).  Oh and remember that pity party I was having...Thank goodness I had Skype with Hollie and my sweet grands from Japan AND I have Facebook friends and family that wish me Happy Birthday!

And then I got an email later in the evening from William with this attachment

Pity Party over.  
He knew I was upset when he called earlier... man I sure do miss this kid!  
And I can't wait to go to San Antonio this weekend.  The King's fatal mistake is my new Birthday Shopping Excursion.  I bet he buys me a gift next year... and bakes me a cake too! And I'll be a happy girl when I can quilt again soon.



  1. I saw that on FB and thought it was the sweetest thing ! I've had those kind of birthdays. I'll give you a big birthday hug tomorrow !

  2. Sorry about your birthday. I have had them too. Sending you big birthday hugs, {{{hugs}}}. I hope your weekend trip is wonderful and fun. Happy Birthday.

  3. That is NOT what you should be doing on your birthday. Happy belated birthday. I hope the rest of this year will be better.

  4. Belated Birthday Wishes and have a blast celebrating and shopping in San Antonio!

  5. Happy belated Birthday! I'll trade you...I fell down some stairs on my birthday and I still have the stupid boot on! Hubs kinda forgot too :(


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