Friday, October 24, 2014


I'm OFF!  .... to International Quilt Market in Houston, Texas that is.  I'm going with my friends Susan, Carla, and Kathleen from Cotton Boll Quilting.  (Speaking of Cotton Boll Quilting, go on over to their website and order up a few yards of your favorite quilt fabrics.  If you're looking for Batiks, she's got a few.  I'm not a huge Batik fan but I can assure you I found plenty of other fabrics that made my way into my suitcase.)  We're staying at Susan's sisters beautiful home in League City.  I thought I'd share a couple of the quilts in her home.

This one is called Blooming Irish Chain.  I would have never thought to put that combination of florals together in the color placement of this Irish Chain but I love it.

This one is called "Sweet and Juicy".  What a fabulous quilt to see upon entering her home.  The pineapple is a sign of welcome and it certainly does it's job here.

Of course you know I had to focus in on the quilting.

This sweet little mini is only about 12"x18".  I left the light switch in the photo so you could see the scale.  Love the hanging sleeve of ribbon.

And my favorite of all..... Margarita anyone?!!  Why yes I think I will.  (Actually I think those are Martini glasses but I don't drink Martini's so I'm calling it a Margarita glass.  It's hanging in the bar alcove.

I didn't notice this as I was taking the picture but as I look at this close up, it almost looks like a snake coming up out of that glass.  Haha!

Hope you enjoyed the quilts.  You can bet my blog will have LOTS of quilt and quilty related things in the next couple of days; providing I have internet access to do so.  Hollie is working on another post from across the sea from Japan and it should be up soon.  

But don't forget the blog hop that's going on right now.  It's in full swing and has lots of inspiration!


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  1. doris that first floral quilt is really pretty..have fun at market


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