Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Yep that's me, Just call me the Grim Ripper.  Because that's what I've been doing for the last 3 1/2 hours.  Monday has been one heck of a day!

What happened you ask?  Well, let me tell you...  It started like this...  I had a foot doctor appointment this morning, normally get right in and right out.. nope not today... had to wait about 30 minutes... which really isn't that long by doctor's office visit standards but not what I was expecting...went for a simple diagnosis... had to have blood work drawn..... it is the season you know for vampires that want to suck your blood... the meds he wants to give me have to have a "good liver" report as it could affect it.... now for most people drawing blood is not a big deal, especially if you're a vampire...  but for me it is... I have terrible veins and my name's not Dracula... they (the veins) roll, they stretch, they hide and it usually requires at least 2 or more sticks.... whew, survived that...

Off to Walmart... poison #2.... but had to get the rest of the Halloween stuff and get it in the mail to the grandkids... they will learn soon enough this Nana is a slacker sometimes.... then off to the dreaded post office... got there and there were 10, yes I said TEN people in line and one clerk working... it's worse than Walmart... URGH.... said skip it... well that's not really what I said but that's what I'm going with on here... I paid extra and went to Box and Mail....

Got back home just before noon....fixed lunch... went out to give Queenie a workout just a little before 1:00... quilted 30 minutes... phone rings..... "Mom, can you put some money in my account so I can go buy some Dr. Pepper".... Why sure... I don't have anything else to do...   "And did you ever call Ranger College about my transcript".... "And we still haven't filled what's needed online for the student loan".... Great! ... go back to town to the bank, call the college and sign on and take care of loan... back out to Queenie....  and realize the Christmas trees on the backing are upside down.... thus enters the .... Grim Ripper....

Here's how much I had to rip out...  The parts in red had already stitched out... I have about 2/3 of it out... I just couldn't do anymore for now... my eyes were burning, my finger was hurting, and thank goodness this girl has Mango Rum....

You can make yourself a cute little Grim Ripper wall hanging just in time for the Halloween Season... to remind you of your frightening relationship with your seam ripper... or maybe it's just me that has that relationship....

And speaking of frightening.... This blog hop is underway....  my day is next week... but don't wait for me, go see all the wicked things going on NOW....

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  1. What a no good, ugly terrible day....that's what I said this morning, If I was still in B'wood, I would come over and help ya !

  2. OH you have veins like mine. Years ago when pregnant with my twins and stuck in the hospital for a month, they had tons of fun with me too. My veins are good, nice and visible, BUT, if doing an IV, not so much. They tend to hide even though they are great looking so getting blood drawn or worse yet, putting an IV is the worst. Many of the clinics like to use those horrible butterfly needles that take FOREVER to draw, but they have such a tiny needle they have better luck. Hate those as it takes twice as long or longer and feels like forever if they need to fill 8 vials. ugh. Anyway, back the the month long stay in the hospital, they had to call in the flight nurses from the helicopter to do my IV's because they are trained better to do them since flying in a helicopter they also have the movement to deal with. I guess now they can't do that for some reason but back then they did. Then after the IV has been in for about 3 hrs, my veins just collapse and I start bleeding out inside the arm. SUCH fun. One of my twins inherited that from me. His collapse like mine too and while in the Neonatal until they had to move his IV's all the time. He had them in his ankles and then up in the temple areas so he had both sides of his head shaved for that. He looked like Mr T if you remember that TV show. LOL

    Post office. ugh. We are in a small town so normally we don't see that kind of line except about 3pm daily when all the local businesses go to mail their outgoing mail out so we tend to steer clear at that time. Most times we go to a pack and ship place in town, or a FedEx or UPS store to avoid the lines.

    HORRIBLE work ripping that much out. I think if it were me, I would have just trashed it and started totally over, even if it meant adding a trip to the fabric store on my travels for the day.

    College loan paperwork/online etc still gives me nightmares just seeing those words. I did that for two of my children for a total of 10 yrs and cringed every single time. The reason for that many years is they were not in college at the same time and then the youngest went on after graduating from the university to law school so that started the nightmare all over again. Smile! It won't last forever although the nightmares might. LOL
    Good luck with all that ripping. Hopefully you've finished and are back on track now.

  3. Oh gosh. I'm sorry. That got a lot longer after posting than the way it looked before. whoops.


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