Wednesday, October 15, 2014


William went back to college on Monday morning and I made hay with the sun was shining.... so to speak.  It was actually pouring down rain, lots of rain, all day long!  Which is why I didn't go home to Texas on Monday.  I decided it was better to stay another day instead of drive 10 hours in the rain. But the silver lining in the cloud is that I got SOOO much done!  I think I got almost as much done on Monday as I did all last week.

These Farmer's Wives blocks are only 6" finished.  Since I took these photos, I've added the sashing and corner stone on two sides.  It will make assembly much faster once all the blocks are complete.  These are the blocks from month 10.

The singles are "stragglers from previous months.  This one had a template so I put it off.

And this one the instructions were wrong and I had to re-cut the pieces.  I also had to get creative with the background fabric as I didn't have enough with me to do it like the pattern said.  I also have another "straggler" that the instructions were wrong on but I didn't have enough fabric with me to re-cut those pieces.  It will have to wait till next month.

And I think these are month 9 blocks.

My messenger bag is all finished except for the strap.  I even added a divided panel in the center lining part.  I think I'm going to purchase some web strapping but the verdict is still out on that one.  The other choice is a strap from the black Kona and if I'm going to do that, I just as well buy it and take the easy way out.  It turned out much larger than I expected but I still like it.  I was thinking of something a bit smaller.  I'd make another one but I don't really want two similar bags out of the same fabric.



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