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Yesterday I told you about the Quilt Display I went to at the Powers Museum in Carthage MO with the Bushwhacker Quilt Guild.  Another part of the Quilt Display was this collection of school house quilts that belong to Lori East.  Lori is a AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser, a historian and quilt researcher, a lecturer, a quiltmaker and a teacher.  It was a delight to meet and visit with.   You can follow Lori's blog here if you'd like.  I'm like a sponge whenever I'm around someone like her.  I just love soaking up any knowledge she throws my way. 

I did my best to make notes and follow the handout from the Museum.   I apologize if I missed something or didn't get it correct.  

Small Schoolhouse Quilt - 1940's - From Massachusetts (new binding).

Quilt Fragment - 1940's - Provenance unknown

Quilt Top - 1924 - Embroidered at bottom:  Made for John Albert Southwick
Age 8 - December 25, 1924 - From Grandma
John  was born Sept 1916 in Reynolds (White County) IN and died Feb 1994 in Iverness (Citrus County) FL.  Quilt possibly made by Mary E Olingler Southwick (paternal grandmother) or Ruth Fox Cornell (maternal grandmother) both of Indiana.
Bright Blue Quilt - 1950's - Provenance Unknown

Light Blue/Red Quilt - 1940's Provenance Unknown

Red/white Quilt - 1900's - Provenance Unknown
Possibly from Pennsylvania

Brown/Green American Log Cabin or Little Brown Chapel (note building has one window compared to two-window Schoolhouse pattern) date unknown
Made by Mabel McAdoo Fowler (born 2/27/1899 in Greenwood TX and died 4/21/1992 in Sayre OK)
Brown/Green Quilt Top - 1930's - Provenance unknown, possibly from Connecticut, Ohio, or Pennsylvania

Black/Red Quilt Top - 1930's - Made in Iowa

Red/Yellow Quilt Top - 1920's - Made in Ohio

Dark Blue/White Schoolhouse - 1935- inscribed Mozelle Bradley Mullins
(born 7/20/1913 in Kentucky and died 9/5/2009 in Kentucky)

Green Multi Schoolhouse - 1900's - Provenance Unknown but inscribed "GKC"

"Real Life"
Made by Lori East - 2007
(part of Vintage Re-visited Collection)

Once again, I hope you enjoyed the quilt display as much as I did.  It was very interesting and a privilege to see.


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