Thursday, October 23, 2014


Wouldn't you like to get this for a House Warming Party Gift?  I sure would!  I've only received one house warming gift that I can remember.  It was a set of towels from my brother-in-law and they were luscious, soft, beautiful white towels.  I still use them put there are no longer soft, beautiful, white towels anymore.... 11 years of use take a toll on things.

Ok, back to the House Warming Party Block of the Month Quilt. B&B Quilting in Buda, Texas is sponsoring the block of the month.  This quilt was a challenge for me to quilt.  The sashings are all different widths.  It was hard to find something that I could "expand" or "shrink" to fit in the appropriate sash and not get distorted when I did so.  It's not my "traditional" quilting style... whatever that might be.  But I'm going with that as I felt like I was "stepping out of my box" the whole time I was quilting it.


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  1. Finished piecing this a couple of years ago and FINALLY getting ready to quilt it. Your is gorgeous! Is the quilting FM or computerized?


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