Friday, October 31, 2014


I hope you have enjoyed the
 blog hop.  There certainly was plenty of inspiration and ghouly projects.

The next thing I have for you is no trick and maybe not a treat either.

The King has a new assignment with the 3M Company.  He has accepted the position of HR Manager for the DeKalb, Illinois site.  I have very mixed emotions about the new appointment; mostly because I'm no fan of COLD weather.  But as my daughter pointed out, "what in the world are you making all those quilts for?"  I guess I do have a few to keep me warm.  He won't start there until December 1st and I won't move until the house sells.  In the mean time, I need to go shopping.  I don't think capri's and flip flop are going to keep me very warm.  I haven't had a new winter coat in 12+ years and I rarely wear anything but open toed shoes, all year long.  

So if you are my quilting customer and you're reading this, it is quilting business as usual until the packers show up and and the moving truck is here.  All quilts will be quilted and back to you before I leave Texas.  I do hope you will continue to allow me to be your longarm quilter by mailing me your quilt.  I will pay the postage back to you.  A large portion of my business is via mail service already.  I am optimistic you will mail yours to me too.  


  1. Get ready for winter....we are expecting a cold and very snowy one!!!


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