Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I'm back home safe and sound but not without a little excitement on the way.  What is otherwise a really boring drive wasn't for a few minutes today.  I'm cruising along, minding my own business, watching my gas gauge as I was getting close to empty and wanted to make it to a certain point - Oklahoma City.  I had been watching the mile markers and my gas gauge and knew I was going to be fine when all of the sudden I look down at my dashboard and that's where the excitement began.

This is what I saw

Can you see what I saw?  No, you're not looking at the fact that I only have 24 miles to empty, or the fact that I'm driving 77 miles an hour.  Look just below the odometer reading and a little to the right. It's a ginormous huge really big spider.  Ok, maybe it wasn't really a big spider but it was about 3/4" long and it was "hairy" and ugly and a spider!

I just about had a heart attack and when I re-couped, I realize I just about wet my pants.  You see, not only was I overdue to get some gas, I was overdue for a bathroom break too!  And then to top it off, I was less than a mile from my exit, clear over in the left hand lane. I was trying to watch the spider, cross 3 lanes of traffic to get to my exit, and not have an accident (car or clothes).  As I'm trying to cross 3 lanes of traffic, I notice the sun moving across the dash and as it was, the spider was moving into the shadow, getting closer to the edge of the dash board.  I knew if that spider got to the edge, it would most likely drop down, on my bare leg.  I'm trying to pull my leg up under me, trying to watch traffic, crossing 3 lanes and I made it!  But when I came to a stop, the spider was gone!  OH H-E- DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS NO!!!

I threw open my door and jumped out.  But I had to find that spider.  I still had another 4 1/2 hours to go in the vehicle with that spider and I'm telling you that wasn't going to happen!  Just as I was about to give up and call the King to come get me, I saw the spider again up near my brake pedal.  Let's just say I didn't have to share the remainder of the trip with any other creatures that I'm aware of.



  1. Yikes, I would have been in a tizzy, too! Many years ago, my aunt got up one morning and found a snake(!) sitting on her driver's seat! Lo and behold, my cousin had caught and snake the day before and then it got loose in the car. He never told my aunt. I still wonder what in the heck would have happened if that snake made his presence known on the 2-hour ride home the day before!!!

  2. I have had a huge spider in the windscreen while driving at night and that was very scary. Another time I opened the boot and found a spider and closed it with the keys inside which cost me to have the locksmith out to open ...

  3. Spiders are very unwelcome passengers in a car (ok, anywhere...can't stand them!!!). I'm amazed you were able to keep it together so well and actually hunt it down and eradicate the hitchhiker! I had one hitchhike with me from Florida in my truck - found the bugger in a crevice in the back of my truck, but I was lucky, it was after a snowstorm that froze it since it was about 4" across with those long legs!

  4. I would totally freak out to see that! It's okay if the spider is in a controlled photographing session, but on my dashboard...no way!


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