Tuesday, October 7, 2014


It's been a whirlwind of a few days since I've been in Missouri.  An auction on Saturday, another auction on Sunday (which was a bust, no purchases), a doctor appointment for another cortisone injection in my knee and shopping in the big city of Joplin, and it's Tuesday already and I've made very little progress on my "sewing/quilting projects" I brought with me.

Today was no exception for being busy.  Dad and I transplanted mom's mum's she wanted in the corner of the front yard.  We planted 6 of them in the front.

And we planted 1 more in the back flower bed.

Our second project of the day was to work up almost 2 bushel of apples.  They weren't the greatest quality but sure were tasty and juicy and FREE!

We peeled, cored, and sliced them, added ingredients for apple pie and froze them.  We ended up with 7 bags of apple pie filling and 3 bags of just plain sliced apples we will use for fried apples.

I finally found a bicycle for MY flower bed the last time I was home.  I've been wanting one for quite some time.  I was torn between leaving it as is or painting it.  I opted to paint it.

Dad was working on sanding it down and preparing to paint it when I left last time.

I decided on red for the paint.

And here is the final result.  He went to a lot more trouble than I would have.  I wouldn't have sanded it down, or greased the chain, or bent the pedal back where it should be so you can actually ride it.  Nope, I kept telling dad, just paint it!  It's only going to be looked at in a flower bed.  He thinks I need new tires though.  The old ones were rotten!!!  I can't decide.  So what do you think?  Tires or NO tires?  If I put tires on it, someone might ride off with it.  lol.  I still need a basket for flower for the front handlebars and am toying with the idea of putting side baskets on the back for flowers.

And here is my little progress on my sewing projects.  I got one month finished in the log cabin houses BOM.  I have another month to go but some how I didn't get here with the second month so that's a project for a later date.

And I got two more 6" blocks finished for the Farmer's Wives BOM.

Now, just because I love seeing them.....  An Amish buggy parked at the Flea Market in Nevada, MO.  The young Amish couple that owned it was in the Flea Market shopping.  The had a baby and a toddler with them.  The mother was purchasing some books and baby toys for her wee ones.



  1. That's JUST how dad's are!! You've been very busy doing lots of fall 'stuff'. Having accomplished so much must feel real good. No tires.

  2. Your Daddy is so sweet ! No tires.

  3. I love the red bike....no tires! Your blocks look great too.

  4. Loving all your projects. You do manage to keep pretty busy. The red bike turned out super. Oh to have apples for pies in the winter. no tires.

  5. What a totally cool idea to have a red bike in your flower garden!!! It will look fabulous, especially with flowers in the baskets! Envious of your lovely apples - good eating!! No tires :)

  6. I love the bike with no tires! Yes, to baskets on the back for more flowers!

  7. Your flower beds are gorgeous and I LOVE the red bicycle!!! What a great idea!


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