Monday, October 13, 2014


Progress is slow I tell ya!   It's not enough that I have all these distractions while I'm in Missouri but now I have some new "jewelry" to contend with.

 Isn't it pretty.  Hmmm I see clothes shopping in my future to go with my new jewelry.

Way back in July (July 2nd to be exact), I was flying home and had a little mishap!  It wasn't one of the bright moments that I'd like to brag about.  In fact, it was so bad, I didn't even mention it to you until now.  To make a long story short, I attempted to lift my suitcase overloaded trunk up on the check-in scales at the airport with ONE hand, actually my two middle fingers, and it weighted 49.5 pounds!  While trying to hoist it up, I felt/heard something snap.  It hurt like ... well let's just say it hurt a lot!  I ignored it since but every time I hit it on something, it kept reminding me that it was still there!  This week while I was home, I needed to go back to my ortho doctor for another injection in my knee - another one of those Missouri mishaps!  The doctor took a look at it, xrayed it and sent me to physical therapy specialist for hand.  Preliminary diagnosis is a ruptured sagittal tendon.   There is a slight chance it will heal on it's own but most likely I will have to have surgery to repair it.  Ugh!  In the mean time, I'm getting some kind of iso cortisone injections and some exercises to do.

But back to the progress.... Here are three more Farmer's Wives blocks finished.  I'm just 2 months behind now!

This one didn't quite turn out like the layout.  I turned something around somewhere.  But it's paper pieced and I'm not ripping that out.  It's going in the quilt as is!

And here is my new messenger bag/purse for market progress.  I've got the outside cut out...

The pocket sewn to the lining...

The tabs and "d" rings attached...

the front flap rounded and made 

The body sewn together....

The lining is also sewn together so maybe tomorrow it will be a bag!  


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  1. Bummer!!! I hope it heals on its own. That is going to be a wonderful bag in those fabrics.


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