Friday, October 17, 2014


I'm going to have to quit going anywhere.  It seems like every time I leave for a few days or a week or so, the deer make a feast on my plants.

The first time they ate my portulaca that I planted in the tilted pot.  I never got around to replacing anything in there.  Those are weeds growing in there now.  Of course, the deer won't eat that!  Then it was the geraniums off to about 2" tall.  They were so big and pretty.  It has taken them all summer to come back out of it and they still aren't as pretty as they were to begin with.  In fact, they are pretty scraggly. They're are in the pot on the right with the flag.

Then they ate my impatiens in a galvanized bucket off, down to the dirt!  They never came out of it so I gave up and planted some fall mums in the bucket a few weeks ago.

This time they ate my begonias and Gerbera daisies down to nothing.  Didn't quite make it to the dirt but still made quite a feast on them.

I have babied my flowers all summer, making sure someone watered them when I was gone... and you know I was gone a lot....!!  I caught rain water and fought the mosquitoes in the rain water all summer to be able to water them.  We're in a drought here in central Texas and have watering restrictions!  All that for the deer to have a feast on!  And for those of you who don't know, we live in town!  With lots of houses close by.  However there is a wooded area about 4 blocks away and an open field about 2 blocks away.  The King sees them, and when I say "them", I mean a large herd of "them", like anywhere from 6-20 deer almost every day.  It's a wonder I have any flowers or plants in my yard at all!

Here are some other pictures of my back yard.

We love our screened patio.  

The entrance to the back yard, next to the garage.  The little clump growing next to the star is coreopsis.  You can't see it but there are 3 other "clumbs" in that area between the star and the edge of the garage.

Gerbera Daisies in an old watering can.  The bottom is rusted out of this can so it's perfect for flowers.

My bicycle still hasn't found a permanent home and I still need baskets for it.  But I'm not worried about either until next spring.

This is the little flower bed on the side of the garage next to the street.  

And another little garden corner on the other side of the fence next to the garage.

A galvanized tub and an old typewriter.  (Remember the typewriter from one of my auctions finds?)  Since it wasn't in working order and I would never use it anyway, it made a great container for a succulent. 

This old fence has been a burr in my side since we moved here.  It is slowly deteriorating and the fence boards are falling off.  It's not on our property, just the property line.  The neighbor won't do anything about it.  I keep hoping for a storm to blow it down!  I know, be careful what I wish for! 

The previous owners said a storm came through and blew the entire fence down.  She was soo happy until a few days later a crew showed up and put the old fence back up!  If you'll notice, there are two sets of cross boards where they put it up the second time.  I'd replace it myself but it will cost an arm and a leg or two.  There are 22 - 8' fence  panel sections along the property line.   After 8 years, I'm embracing the rotten fence.  I've planted ivy along most of it and am planting things to help "hide" it.  Plus I'm switching to "rustic" type containers so it will fit in with the rotten fence.

And while I was inspecting my flowers, I noticed a "hole" in the middle of this ground cover between these two big Live Oak trees.  Look in the lower right between the cherubs and the tree.  

It's a bee hive and the bee's were BUSY!

These two photos (above and below) were taken about 2 weeks ago when I first noticed it.

This photo below was taken this morning.  It is getting bigger!! Yikes!

Not sure what I'm going to do about this.  Nothing for now.  Maybe I'll wait till it's cold and then try to do something.  Any suggestions??



  1. I feel your pain with the deer, but I live on a farm so I rather expect them! You could make chicken wire frames to go over your flowers to keep the deer away. This past winter the deer ate all the lower branches off the new oak and birch trees I planted in my yard. This website has some great plants to put in to repel deer - worth a look!

  2. Contact your local extension office and see if they know any bee keepers. They will usually come and re-locate the bees rather than exterminate them. Would be kinda dangerous to leave them where they are.

  3. Oops, totally forgot to tell you what a beautiful yard you have. Love the red bicycle, That will be splendid with baskets of flowers in the spring.

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