Friday, October 31, 2014


I hope you have enjoyed the
 blog hop.  There certainly was plenty of inspiration and ghouly projects.

The next thing I have for you is no trick and maybe not a treat either.

The King has a new assignment with the 3M Company.  He has accepted the position of HR Manager for the DeKalb, Illinois site.  I have very mixed emotions about the new appointment; mostly because I'm no fan of COLD weather.  But as my daughter pointed out, "what in the world are you making all those quilts for?"  I guess I do have a few to keep me warm.  He won't start there until December 1st and I won't move until the house sells.  In the mean time, I need to go shopping.  I don't think capri's and flip flop are going to keep me very warm.  I haven't had a new winter coat in 12+ years and I rarely wear anything but open toed shoes, all year long.  

So if you are my quilting customer and you're reading this, it is quilting business as usual until the packers show up and and the moving truck is here.  All quilts will be quilted and back to you before I leave Texas.  I do hope you will continue to allow me to be your longarm quilter by mailing me your quilt.  I will pay the postage back to you.  A large portion of my business is via mail service already.  I am optimistic you will mail yours to me too.  

Thursday, October 30, 2014


These are the last of the pictures of quilts from Quilt Market.  I still have a few pictures from the Quilt Display that we are allowed to preview before Quilt Festival starts.

I had a great time and saw some great fabrics, quilts, projects, tools, patterns, you name it if it's quilt related.  However I'm back home and hit the ground running!  I have customer quilts to do!

My granddaughters would love this "Frozen" Quilt and accessories.

The little table and chairs are just too cute!

Of course a beautiful Lone Star with applique.

A stunning Nee York Beauty!

A neat pattern for a bag to carry your cutting mat in to retreats!

Another fabulous Lone Star

And of course you knew I'd have to share some red/white/blue quilts.  These are mini's.

Another Lone Star... I love the pop of color!

Oh fun is this!

And some cute Hello Kitty Fabric

There are even antique quilt booths there.  Love this pineapple log cabin

Love the houses blocks

And another red/white/blue one

Someday I'm going to make a Hawaiian quilt.

A new Block of the Month from Maywood Studio

One of the many Moda booths

Austin Boulevard, New Block of the Month from Minick and Simpson for Moda.  It's calling my name!  The "main" street in Nevada, MO was Austin Blvd and the "main" street in Brownwood is Austin Blvd.  It's meant to be!

A neat modern quilt

I need these baskets for my bicycle...

How fun is this bicycle?

And bicycles everywhere.... They were quite popular.

A bright and happy quilt

A different setting for a sampler quilt


Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Its finally here, my day for the Black Cat Crossing Blog Hop.  This blog hop is marks the one year anniversary for me with Sew We Quilt Blog Hops.  It all started with a referral from Vickie at More Stars in Comanche.  I love these blog hops and look forward to many more in the future.

Now to get down to the wicked matter at hand.  Maywood Studio has created a fabulous line of fabric that we're using in our projects.  It's called Black Cat Crossing.  And not too many things scream Halloween more than black cats.  Wicked Wendy over at Why Knot Kwilt has been our cheerleader for this screamin event and Her Wickedness Mdm Samm at Sew We Quilt is our head witch (the good one you know).  Here is what's been brewing in caldron... my wicked Black Cat Crossing Quilt.

I love the oversized star for a pattern.  I took the center block and made my own "panel".  I found a stencil online from .... and stenciled my center block.  Then a friend and fellow Statler Stitcher Owner designed the pattern for the quilting in the center.  Spooky Trees, and spiders, and cob webs, OH MY.   Once the quilting and binding were complete, I was off to the cemetary... yes I really went to the cemetary for my photo shoot.  My wicked friend Cindy was my partner in crime for the first session.  I showed William the pictures and he told me they weren't spooky enough so he and I went back for another go-around.  I'm glad we did.  I couldn't have gone by myself.... it was spooky in there and it wasn't even dark.  It was late afternoon but it was cloudy and dreary!

I really wanted the pictures to be darker but I just couldn't go back later and I was afraid the photos would be too dark if I waited much later.  Yes, I was a scaredy cat!

That evening at my sisters I saw this sign.  I thought how perfect.  No Scaredy Cats Allowed at her house!

And then it got me thinking... so I decided to make my own sign from the stencil I already had.  I made 4 of them (well actually William did most of the painting).  One for me, one for Mom, one for my two sisters to fight over, and one to give away.  Didn't he do a great job!

Just leave me a comment and tell me if you have Halloween quilts.  I'll give the sign away using random number generator after the blog hop is over.  Be sure you're not a no-reply blog commenter.  I can't give it away if I can't contact you.  Oh yes, I'll send it anywhere.  Now run like a scared quilter over to the remaining blogs and see what they've created.

Wednesday, October 29
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Thursday, October 30

Friday, October 31



My day for the Black Cat Crossing Blog Hop is almost here.  It's tomorrow but to get you in the spirit, here are a few ghastly things I saw at Quilt Market.

Some fun projects from the Schoolhouse session by Andover I attended.

And a book I got signed by the author.

And this really awesome fabric from Quilting Treasures designed by Janet Wecker Frisch, the same lady that designed the "She Who Sews" fabric line.  Isn't the display outstanding.  

By the way, I got my picture taken with Janet.  She was standing in line in front of me for a different book signing.  She noticed my purse made from her fabrics and introduced herself.  It was so exciting for both of us.  Of course she took a picture of my purse too.

Now hop on your broom and check out the Black Cat Crossing hoppers for today... if you dare!

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