Tuesday, September 30, 2014


While I was at my retreat over the weekend at Deep Woods Retreat, near Smithville, I took the opportunity to visit the Texas Quilt Museum.  The Texas Quilt Museum is located in LaGrange, Texas and is only about 20 minutes from the retreat.  

Although I was a little disappointed with the Museum, it still was nice and I was glad I went.  Maybe I was disappointed because I'm not an "artsy fartsy" type girl and most of the time I really don't like "artsy" quilts.  Most of the quilts were that type.  Some were interesting and some were just plain bizarre.  There was a small display of some "civil war reproduction" era quilts and I really enjoyed those.  Another disappointment was there are no photos allowed.  While I probably knew that deep down, I still wanted to document my trip.  

This is the only documentation I could take.... The Flower Garden just outside the Museum.  It was very lovely and relaxing.  

There was also a wonderful quilt and yarn shop next door to the Museum and of course I did my fair share to contribute to the economy of LaGrange.  


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  1. I guess I sorta understand why they don't want you to take pictures, but really?? It's a quilt museum and I would kinda like to know what I'm going to get to see...a tease, perhaps??!! I'll give it a pass then...but I'm glad there was a quilt shop near by for you!!


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