Wednesday, September 17, 2014


This past weekend was Parents Weekend at Missouri State University.   The King and I decided we better go.  It might be our only year for an invitation.

It was a very good weekend spent with him.  We've taken him out to eat supper, breakfast, and lunch at all his favorite places and took in the football game. MSU played North Dakota State and won! Whoo Hooo!  Go Bears! We didn't buy tickets for the game until early in the week so our seats weren't the most prime seats in the house. 

This is the view from our seats. 

And as you can see, it's a LONG way to the bottom.  And this is the view behind us.

As you can see, there aren't very rows to the very top!

And our view of the jumbo-tron. Guess we better see the plays the first time and not depend on instant replay, huh?

It's was so refreshing to see all the enthusiasm and school spirit from all the kids and fans. I think we were the first ones in the stadium, their newly renovated, just finished 2 days ago, never been played in since the renovation stadium. This golf cart was pretty darn neat too.

And of course Coca Cola played along with all the festivities.

The National Anthem was pretty neat.  A sky diver, carrying the US Flag came in to land in the middle of the stadium.  He missed his mark just a tad.  The weight on his flag drug on the ropes around a roped off area in the corner of the field so he came to a screeching halt before he reached the middle.  Still pretty cool though.

 And of course, Boomer (the bears mascot) also came skydiving in too after the National Anthem.

The evening was pretty brisk, in the upper 50's with moisture in the air and wind out of the north; which made it seem cooler than it really was.  That coupled with the fact that it was 100+ degrees just 2 days ago in Texas.  Temperature shock for this body!

I hated to tell him good-bye Sunday evening but know I can't hold his hand forever and must give him wings.  I just wish I weren't 10 hours away.  I don't think there would be any tears if I were just 2-5 hours away.  


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  1. I'm so glad you got to enjoy parents weekend with your son! At least he is that close!!! My girls are in Oklahoma, Texas and Hawaii while I'm in Washington...a bit of a drive (or flight), but I'm willing!


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