Monday, September 15, 2014


I was asked by Tricia at Dancing Moon Farmstead to join in on the Around The World Blog Hop.  When Tricia asked me, I jumped at the chance.  I love blog hops and love to go and see what others are doing.  The rule was to tell a little bit about yourself and 3 other bloggers on your day.  They would in turn blog the following week about themselves and 3 more....  Well apparently everyone I know is either too busy (really legitimate excuses) or they have already been tagged so apparently my Around The World Block Hop has come full circle and it''s time to end.

I decided I'd go ahead and mention 3 bloggers anyway, even though they have already been tagged or didn't participate this time.   But first a few answers about me.


As usual, I have a bizillion irons in the fire.  I am working on my quilt for the blog tour in November for Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 10.  I just finished designing the block I'm going to submit for Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 11.  I'm waiting on fabric to arrive for the next blog hop "Rush Hour" to make my quilt. I have fabric waiting in the wings for the next blog hop after that "Black Cat Crossing" coming in October.  And I have some thoughts racing through my mind for a quilt book I'd like to write titled "The Quilts in Grandma's Closet".  Of course I can't show you any of these top secret projects.  :(  But I can show you what I'm working on when I sit collapse at night.  They have been 2 years in the making so far.  I just finished these two....

And this one is almost finished....  just 3 more blocks to go.  


I'm not sure my work is really that much different from others.  I think we all do little things to make it our own.  I hardly ever take a pattern without changing it up a little bit.  Some would call me a rebel but I prefer to think I'm being creative when I do.


I love the process.  I love the satisfaction of a finished project.  It's my outlet for stress.  It makes me feel good to give someone something I've created and to see the smile on their faces when they get it. It gives me a warm fuzzy!  It challenges me and makes me think outside the box... sometimes.


Inspiration can come from just about anywhere.  Sometimes I go searching for it and sometimes it just pops up in front of me.  I get the majority of my inspiration from Pinterest, other blogs, and quilt shops, just to name a few.

So enough about me.  Go check out these ladies too.

First up is Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy.  She is a go-getter I tell ya!  She has a full time job and family in addition to all the creative things she does.  I recently tested a pattern for Amy The Patchwork Star and will show it off to you in a couple of days.  I have it quilted, just need to put the binding on it.  Here is another pattern Amy designed and has for sale on Craftsy.  I love her creativity in her photos too!

And then there's Carla at Creatin In The Sticks who wowed me with her ruffles project.  Carla is from Kansas and the wild, wild west and not too awfully far from my hometown in Missouri.  Well Kansas is close to my hometown but Carla is a little more west.  Here is Carla's You Can Can Can.

And last but certainly not least, is my good friend Vickie at More Stars In Comanche.  She is the type of person I want to be when I grow up!  She loves her quilting, ranch man, and God and not necessarily in that order.  Vickie is the reason I started participating in the blog hops at Sew We Quilt and I have her to thank for that!  Vickie loves her chickens and it shows.  Just one of her master creations.

And there you have it.  A little about 3 talented ladies and myself.  Hope you enjoy the Around The World Blog Hop.



  1. Your embroidery looks great. You will love it when you are finished with it.

  2. Replies
    1. This is Vickie BTW....working on the guild blog, that's why its BQG LOL


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