Tuesday, August 5, 2014


One of our last projects that Raleigh and I have to do before she goes back to Japan in the morning is tie dye her shirts.  Now, me being a child of the 70's, tie dye clothing was definitely in style.  If I were home, I'd give you a throw back photo but I'm not digging in mom's pictures to find one.  That would be a huge distraction and we would not have this post or these shirts finished. 

Here is our kit we started with.  Nana would only let her have the kit with 3 colors in it.  

And this is our inspiration.  I wonder if ours will turn out like the first two she picked out pictured below.

And here are our dyes.  Pink, Yellow, and Blue

We rolled our shirt up and put rubber bands across it like the directions said.  And started with the blue dye.

And then added the pink dye

Our second one was a long skinny tube like with rubber bands spaced out .  

Nana let her go "wild" with the dye.  

After the dyes were added to perfection, we put them in a ziplock back and had to let them set for 6-8 hours.  That's an eternity to a 6 year old who is so anxious to see how they turned out.

And here is how they turned out.  Not exactly like our inspiration but I think they're pretty neat anyway.

And if you notice, in the dying photos, we both were wearing gloves, as the instructions said to do.  However, this is what your hands will look like if you fail to put the gloves back on when you rinse the shirts 8 hours later.  It's going to be a while before that wears off!



  1. I've had success removing dye from fingers and hands by scrubbing them with an old toothbrush and regular toothpaste (the gels just get sticky). Of course, in the aftermath of the scrub, I've wanted to at least suck on my fingers and hands! LOL

  2. I'd say the t shirts turned out Perfect. Good job! And fun too!


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