Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I have the best blog readers!  I got a package in the mail from Mary at I Piece 2-Mary.  I sent her some fabric quite some time ago.  Mary and I had an agreement.  I would send her a fat quarter and she would make me a pants bag.  I procrastinated (I know that's just not like me.....) and didn't get around to mailing the fabric for quite some time and then Mary was busy and didn't get the bag made and then I wasn't home when the package came.  But alas, I got my bag.  And what a surprise!  There were 4 bags!  Mary, you ROCK!!  Look at these cute bags.  They are just too fun!

I've already put this one to good use.  I put my meds that I travel with in this one.

And I put some personal items in this one.  That ruffle puts the finishing touch on the bag!

I haven't put this one to use yet, but never fear, it will be used soon.  How cute is that braided rid-rac?

And this is my pants bag.

I told you they were cute!  I just love them all!!!

And then Linda read my post about my new colors and treasures I found for my kitchen here.  She brought me this special delivery when she picked up her quilt from me last week.  It is extra special as it belonged to her mother.  She is cleaning out her mother's house and saw that it matched my other treasures and brought it to me!  I squealed with delight when I saw it!  

I have the best friends!  



  1. You do, indeed, have good friends. My sister received a set of those mixing bowls when she married in 1972.

  2. Well, you do have wonderful friends, indeed. What treasures you have been blessed with. I just love this quilting community and all the great friendships that are made everyday. Mary and Linda are so sweet.

  3. Thank you. I am so pleased that you like those bags. I had the best time making them. It is good to know that you have such great uses for them. I am glad we could make the trade.

  4. Love your bags - Mary is VERY talented!!! And your bowl...coveting it!!!!

  5. Very cool bags! What fabric line was used?

  6. These bags ARE wonderful! How nice that you have such special friends.

  7. Best friends are a treasure and the quilty kind are a blessing! Such a treat to receive all these goodies!


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