Sunday, August 3, 2014


I had a unique experience this week.  I needed denim jeans for my denim quilts I've been commissioned to make.  I knew there were 2 thrift stores in my little home town.  I've never been to either one of them so I set off to investigate.

The first one I went to is called Spirit and Truth and oh my!  Once I set foot in the front door I was was genuinely scared!  I'm not sure what possessed my to go further than the front door but I did.  I felt like I was walking through a hoarders home.  There were things stacked and stashed everywhere, on top of each other, floor to ceiling, and the smell wasn't too pleasant either.  I made a circle through the building and couldn't wait to get back to the front door to get out of there.  Needless to say, I didn't buy a thing.  It would have been cheap, I think I over heard a lady say everything was 50 cents but I was afraid to move anything for fear some four, six, or eight legged creature would run out from under whatever I touched.  

My experience there made me question my decision to go to the next place, Loretta's Attic but I trudged on!  It was a much nicer experience!  The items were for the most part neatly organized, however the prices were a little higher.  Most everything there seemed to be $2.  I did pick up 3 pairs of jeans for my project but look what else I got.

This Grandmother's  Flower Garden was in pretty good shape except for the bottom row.  As you can see, the binding is coming off.  But for $10 I think it was worth it.

And then I got this Bear's Paw Quilt.  It's in pretty rough shape but for $5 it too was worth it for a cutter quilt.

You can see some of the blocks are salvageable.

The best quilt of the group was this second Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt.  It is in great shape! And I only paid $35 for it.  

I just love how there's a pattern with the colors of the blocks around the center.  It starts out with an orange one, then a ring of pink ones, a ring of green ones, a ring of blue ones, and so on. 

I sure am glad I decided to trudge on to the second shop!



  1. The thrift stores can be scary. They are poorly lit, smell and also they make you wonder who wore what is there. I worked at a hospital laundry and we would bring home old sheets for painting as a drape for furniture. My DIL said one day I wonder if someone died under this sheet. So makes you wonder. Glad you got some good deals. Chris

  2. what a score on the quilts! That last one - the material reminds me of the material in my grandmothers flower garden quilt that Angela Walters recently quilted for me :)


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