Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I think I should have gone back to bed after my day that I've had.  I finished a custom quilt in shorter time than I thought it would take me so I thought I would throw my own project on the quilting frame and do it real quick.

Bahaha! Silly me!  What WAS I thinking?  First off, I picked a pattern for the border that I thought was a p2p pattern.  Now p2p probably doesn't mean much to non Statler Stitcher quilters but for me it means lots of time saving!  A p2p pattern can be placed on the quilt with just a couple of clicks (point to point), without having to trace the block and then place the pattern in the block; plus when placing more than one p2p pattern end to end, it will stitch out in one continuous motion, eliminating excessive tie-offs.  Thus major time saving quilting!  Well, it went in p2p with a couple of clicks but it didn't stitch out that way.  You see, some patterns are p2p builders in that you can place them like a p2p pattern but they don't stitch out continuous!  Well darn!  And when I realized it I had already stitched out the first pattern.  Now I could frog it (rip it out, unstitch it) or I could go on..... I went on....

Then about 3 patterns into the stitching, the pattern became possessed and re-designed itself!  WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON!!!  I took a picture of the screen to show you I'm not losing my mind (well maybe that's debatable) of what I programmed in and what the "possessed placement" looked like.  Because you see, it did it more than once; about every 3rd pattern to be exact!  I circled the possessed pattern below.

I had to frog again!  Finally got that part done!  Whew!

On the the next part of the project.  I knew I wanted a certain pattern that went with the other patterns I was using but I couldn't remember the name of it, just that I remembered seeing it in my book of patterns.  Do you have any idea how many patterns I have??? Well, let's just say  a lot thousands.  I couldn't find that pattern anywhere.  I finally gave up and used something else.  Urgh!  Time to invest in IPattern  don't you think?

Next thing...   I'm working on a project that requires you "reverse" the pattern.  Ummmhmmm..... did I do that?  Nope sure didn't!  But I did realize it after I stitched it down on the backing so I just cut one more to fix it.  Little did I realize when I made that little mistake was that I would run out of backing before I ran out pieces to quilt.  Ding, Dang, darn!  No matter how I placed the remaining pieces to quilt, I just couldn't get them all on the backing piece I had loaded.  I know this photo doesn't look like much but trust me.  They really are cute projects.

I'll have to quilt one of them on my domestic because I'm not loading a piece of backing 10" square in the the quilting frame for this one thing.

In the midst of all this, my thread kept breaking, and breaking, and breaking!  What's up with that?  It's the same spool I've used many times and same brand too.  Yes, I changed the needle, retreaded, and slowed the machine down.  Didn't help!  But I persevered and conquered the project.... maybe not as quickly as I had anticipated but the quilting is finished and ready to bind!

Oh, and in case you're wondering, all these projects are "TOP SECRET". They are for the next blog hop....

Where I'll be doing my part to .....



  1. Those are the days when you go for a long walk and breathe deeply instead. ;-)

  2. This is the kind of thing that always happens to me when I think I can get something done easily and quickly--never works out! I hope you have a better day tomorrow.


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